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This web site needs a page about Zyra.

There are two main reasons.  The first being that Zyra is one of the good people on the planet. The second being that Zyra is a very knowledgeable and helpful person. Oh, and here's a third, Zyra has an interesting and rather large website at:

Zyra's web site

Zyra is an extremely clever, non-conventional individual. What this planet needs is more people who are brave enough to be themselves. It needs more authenticity. People are born the way they are meant to be then culture and oppression and conformity stop people being how they are meant to be. The net result being a lot of bunged up misdirected energy and conceptualisation. The way we consciously understand the world is the rationalisation of our emotional experience. So if we are doing well we understand the world in a way that closely matches our experience of the real world. We tend to operate very well. But when we stifle and inhibit our emotional processing we get things a little distorted. A wonderful quote from an American major after the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, "In order to save the village we had to destroy it.", illustrates the wonky effect of bunged up emotions on the otherwise creative intelligence of human beings.

But what has this got to do with the price of fish or Zyra?

Well only to point out that Zyra is tuned in to being authentic. It shows. Zyra is friendly, kind, and very successful. It works. I guess the American Major was trying to be someone else and it wasn't really working for him because you can't be someone else. Ultimately conformity is an illusion and that doesn't pair well with reality.

So I went searching the internet for any arbitrary information about Zyra and I came across this film about Zyra called "Shades of Grey" by John-David Hames. It won a number of awards and you can watch the short documentary on the jaxeed website at I think it's worth a look.


So if you fancy a browse (Zyra was the first person on the internet to mention a browsotron) around an extremely eccentric web site where you can find things as diverse as "how to drink liquid nitrogen safely" or "a keyboard spanning the entire electromagnetic spectrum" then take a look at Zyra's site. You may get some inspiration.

Zyra's frame link.

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