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ZYRA Motel ZYRA Motel

As far as I am aware there is no such "real" place as ZYRA MOTEL.  However, visiting Zyra's web site is a little like visiting a motel in that you can spend a lot of time there between doing other things.

Actually Zyra's web site is more like a museum.  Come to think of it, it is not like a motel at all.  The reason for mentioning a motel in the first place was because I made this rotating banner for Zyra and I called it Zyra Motel because it reminded me of one of those motel advertising things that you see in American movies.  Apart from that I don't think there is any connection between Zyra and a motel.

Here at Toxic Drums we like making beautiful banners and computer modelled and rendered images.  If you want something like this please just email me and I think you will find the rates extremely agreeable.  The ZYRA MOTEL logo would have cost about $100, £60 or €75. We can do buttons, icons, logos, banners, animated gifs and many other tasty eye candy widgets too.

But back to Zyra!  I like the idea of a place called ZYRA MOTEL.  It would be a weird place, stuck out in the middle of nowhere, a rambling labyrinth of buildings, pathways, rooms and corridors full of the strangest things like bubbling chemistry equipment, antique curiosities and slightly bizarre and incongruous objects like the occasional stuffed bear or a life-size wax head of FIDEL CASTRO.

Zyra's web site contains thousands of pages about all sorts of things.  Roaming Zyra's web site is like getting lost in a museum with your attention being taken by odd novelties, bygone knickknacks and interesting ideas.  Zyra has a number of links to Toxic Drums.  Here is a list of the pages (as of November 2010) on Zyra's web site which have links to this web site:

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