What is XTR-TB?


Nearly 2 million people die every year from this curable and preventable pandemic.

XDR-TB stands for:

Extemely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

This form of tuberculosis is sometimes called "Ebola with wings" and is the direct result of inadequate treatment programs.

It has been reported in 49 countries to date (October 2008) including every G8 member country.

One infected person who laughs, coughs, or sings, can result in an epidemic.

This is an emergency that requires an emergency response.

James Nachtwey, one of the best-known and most highly regarded current photojournalists working today, has produced a slide-show to promote awareness and action in conjunction with RESULTS and their associated action program and Demos UK.  His slide show, released 3 October 2008, contains haunting images of XDR-TB sufferers around the globe.  Watch Photojournalist James Nachtwey's slide show below (some of the images are disturbing) and then, if you wish to do something to help, go to http://www.xdrtb.org/ and sign the petition.
James Nachtwey's slide show drawing attention to XDR-TB

extremely drug resistant tuberculosis extremely drug resistant tuberculosis Executive director of RESULTS USA, Joanne Carter, said "We hope that the visibility achieved by the global unveiling of these photos will underscore the danger of underfunding and lack of global attention to TB programs, spur people around the world to demand action, and spur world leaders to act."
Toxic Drums advocates the support of these programs on the grounds that funding the well being of humanity is far better than defensive and aggressive military measures that arise out of fear of survival.  Global awareness of issues that matter to the people on the planet is anarchy at it's best and results in a real model of what is thought of as democracy.
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