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What God wants!

What are we all worrying about anyway?  They have mustered the killing of thousands repeatedly and the dying goes on.  They are rallied around the call to defend what is right and to die in the name of a God or a cause and the innocent die in their thousands.  Why do we care about the innocent children who die in a mid air collision over Germany?  Why do we care about the children who die in the fantastic World Trade Center TV extravaganza?  Why do we care about the millions of children dying of Aids in Africa?  We don't care.  They are brilliant actors in this beautiful drama of torture and fear.  This weird and wonderful surreal performance which evokes the dread and horror, the awe and the wonder of this thing called life that we revel in.  They are just playing the part of the fear.  If we save these children, if we keep them, if we look after them we hate them.  We punish them.  We tell them they have to learn the difference between good and evil.  We insult them.  We shout at them.  We send them to bed.  We control and destroy them.  We cut their genitals and condemn the paedophiles.  We tell them fictions about strange forces and men in robes that dwell in ethereal places and watch over them with judgemental attitude ready to punish them even after we have mutilated them, killed their loved ones and plastered them all over the green fields of paradise.

Children are just the people a benign God gave us that we can vent our hatred and resentment upon because they are forced to live with us.  Parents treat children like they want to treat other people but wouldn't dare.

Ha ha!  That's it!  God saw that the weak and the meek hated the bullies and the tyrants and wanted to insult them and beat them and punish them and taunt them and tease and ridicule and crush them until they were destroyed and humiliated and suffering for eternity.  And God saw that the majority of people couldn't stand up to the bullies and so he invented children and gave them in abundance to the weak and pathetic people so that they had someone who couldn't resist or fight back.  The people mutilated these small defenceless people.  They dominated and controlled them.  They used their superior power to offend them and to judge them and to punish them.  God was pleased with his flock.  What God wants God gets!

Cruelty to Children must stop. FULL STOP

Children's Help Line = 0800 1111
For Adults concerned about a child telephone 0808 800 5000
If you want to support the NSPCC click here --> NSPCC page

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