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Letter to the Raquel Rolnik 15/09/2013
16 September 2013
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This lady shot up in my estimation when I saw a video of her countering some bigotry being spewed at her from a complete moron in an interview.  I can't find the clip right now but will insert it if I do.  Her report was broad, measured and fair but it frightened the Conservative party.  Their response was a disgrace and Raquel Rolnik said she has never faced such an aggressive, hostile reaction from a country before.  It seems so indicative that the ConDems are very guilty and know it.

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Mrs Raquel Rolnik
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15 September 2013

Dear Raquel Rolnik

I am writing to let you know that as a British citizen I welcome your investigation into the housing situation in the UK and your observations regarding what is colloquially known as the 'Bedroom Tax'. I would like to disassociate myself from the irrational, inaccurate and insulting remarks made by some officials and newspapers and apologise for the surprisingly prejudicial and vitriolic comments made regarding you and your country. I have visited Brazil and in spite of significant economic difficulties found Brazilians to be some of the kindest and friendliest people I have ever met.

I have written to my local (conservative) MP (Mark Simmonds) expressing my dismay at the comments made by the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Grant Shapps. (I have enclosed a copy of that letter for your information.) I have also written to Ban Ki-moon, David Cameron and Grant Shapps to ensure that they are all aware of my views and that there are British people who appreciate your concern and efforts with respect to international human rights.

I am afraid this country is descending into an appalling abyss of authoritarian oppression and cruelty with increasing rapidity. It is really very frightening.

So thank you for your good work and please keep it up.
Yours sincerely

Sam Spruce

[Enclosed letter]

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