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Letter to the Prime Minister 15/09/2013
16 September 2013
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Much as many titles spring to mind to follow 'Prime' for David Cameron before 'Minister', that is his official title.  I don't really know what to make of that man but he seems a moral ego with a devastatingly immoral subconscious.  I know many would disagree with me but I do happen to think he thinks of himself as 'good'.  But maybe I am just easily fooled.  He seems naive and someone's sap.  Anyway, as the leader of the Conservative Party I felt he should be kept informed of 1/60,000,000th of the opinion in the UK.

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15 September 2013

Dear David Cameron

I enclose a copy of a letter I have sent to my local MP, Mark Simmonds.  I forward a copy to you because I feel you need to know how strongly I feel about the degrading comments made by your Party Chairman.  Most citizens feel that they are one in sixty million and as such their opinions don't matter.  Most of the time I feel the same but on this occasion I was so horrified by the appalling arrogance displayed by Grant Shapps that I felt you and he should know.  In some significant part he represents this country but what he displayed was a lack of perception and a disturbing disregard for rational communication.  Instead he scoffed, belittled, besmirched and prejudicially ridiculed not only Raquel Rolnik but Brazil and the United Nations.

It is one thing to be confident but it is another to lose one's grip on reality and to be so arrogant as to insult an entire nation just to belittle someone who has criticised your policy.  I am still stunned by Mr Shapps' expressed views and attitude.  And, of course, he has now instilled a deep concern in me regarding what is really going on in the Conservative Party.

If I feel strongly enough to express these views in writing I imagine he has had a similar detrimental effect on a lot of other people too.

Yours sincerely

Sam Spruce

[Enclosed letter]

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