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Letter to the Ban Ki-moon 15/09/2013
16 September 2013
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This man often impresses me with his ability to be thoughtful and measured in his speeches and remarks.  Of course the Pope has been known to impress me in the past so it is no reliable measure of his humanity.  However, at the moment, I hold Ban Ki-moon in high regard as a person and more certainly in high regard as an office.  I felt, much as he has lots to deal with, that this matter needed putting on the map (so to speak - I'm not getting territorially expansionist) and so I wrote this letter to him assuring him that not all "Brits" think or act like Grant Shapps.

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15 September 2013

Dear Secretary-General

I am writing to inform you of my opinion regarding the visit to the UK, and the subsequent press release, of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, Mrs Raquel Rolnik. I am a British citizen and I was horrified at the vitriolic comments by certain UK politicians. I have written to my local MP and include the letter for your information.

The reaction of the Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps was ridiculous and without rational content. It suggests there is some fundamental truth in Raquel Rolnik's report which he wishes to remain secret. I now fear that the UK is in breach of international human rights and would encourage the UN to take whatever action could be most useful in stemming the tide of what appears to be a rapid decline into oppressive and cruel policies in the UK.

I would like to thank you and Raquel Rolnik for your interest and actions relating to investigating the legitimacy of policies in the UK. Many poorer people in the UK feel unheard and without a voice. The government is clearly misrepresenting and hiding useful statistics relating to the effects of various welfare reforms and this is highly suggestive of some illegitimate hidden agenda. For an internationally respected agency to make some observations is extremely important and supportive to thousands and maybe millions of British citizens.

Mr Shapps has written to you saying "I would like to request that a full investigation is conducted by the United Nations" and I would like to support that request adding only that the broader the scope the better.

In summary I fully support the UN in any investigation into the UK's legitimacy with respect to human rights and I apologise to Raquel Rolnik for the disgraceful response of the British government to her very kind and reasonable observations.

Yours sincerely

Sam Spruce

[Enclosed letter]

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