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Toxic Drums found at Jazz concert!

egils straume toxic drums Toxic Drums found at private Jazz Concert!

Toxic Drums were given a private concert by one of Latvia's premier Jazz musicians Egils Straume.  There was no audience to be poisoned by any toxic waste such as cyanide, arsenic, agent orange, mercury, nuclear spillage or other foul substance and all the drums and Egils had a sublime and enjoyable afternoon.  Tea and cream buns were provided for all after the event and the possibility of producing a record of the improvised jazz session were discussed. 

There is speculation amongst the press that this was in fact an audition for a publicity stunt at JFK airport in New York to be staged later this year but it is only speculation and as such has no foundation in reality.  Trafigura were in no way connected to this incident although they have been involved in a few scandals involving toxic waste themselves.  In fact they were not even invited.  Other organizations such as the the Bilderberg Group, the Venetian Black Nobility and the John Birch Society were not invited either.

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