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If you live in Oxfordshire and want to learn to play a musical instrument then Timeless Studios might be right for you.

Ian and Sue Blunsdon are both accomplished musicians and have their own studio in the village of Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire in the UK.

They do recordings in house and on location for local bands and functions like school concerts, they give musical instrument tuition and singing tuition, and perform either singularly or as a group (called Timeless) locally to Oxfordshire.

They are a dynamic pair and can be seen performing round the county at various events. Ian does a lot of composing and offers tuition in this field and has a number of pieces available for purchase.  Sue works professionally as a singing tutor and is an accomplished archer.

So if you are looking for tuition, composition or performance in the area check these people out. They might just be what you need.

You can contact them at:      Timeless Studios
Mudgingwell Farmhouse
High Street
Upper Heyford
OX25 5LE
Tel: 01869 232340

You can email them by clicking this link actimeless at aol dot com

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