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Ties Ties Ties
Arbitrary fact 1: I had (he's dead now) an Uncle who bought me a tie from Thailand.
Arbitrary fact 2: Fizzy Sky is where to by ties to wear in Ware!
Arbitrary fact 3: You can buy a toxic apple tie from Zazzle.
Here is a list of where to buy ties to wear.

Ties Planet
All sorts of ties are available from Ties Planet
They sell Polyester ties, silk ties, designer ties, novelty ties and even limited edition Leeds ties. They are based in Wakefield in the UK but deliver all over the world.

The Tie Warehouse
Find out more on the Tie Warehouse page.
Maybe the largest collection of ties available on the internet. They cover all sorts of conventional, business and wedding ties as well as a brilliant selection of hard to find novelty ties.
See the page.
Based in the US they will ship anywhere in the world. have been established on the internet since 1998 and hold a large and wide range of ties.
Stock a massive range of ties ranging from the "normal" to the positively zanny. See more on the page.

Raffaello Ties
This must be THE exclusive designer tie site in the world. See the Raffaello exclusive page.

Musical ties?
If you are looking for musical ties then Dave Ballard's site is worth a visit at

Zazzle Ties
Zazzle is a site where you can design your own stuff and ties are one of the stuff you can design.  Of course you can buy other people's designs too and there are hundreds of thousands of different designs and products.  You can check out some of the ties they do here --> Zazzle Ties.

If you want to learn how to tie a tie you should visit How To Tie a Tie at
This nifty little web site shows you how to tie a tie. There are four tie knots that it illustrates with diagrams and a neat little video for each.  The four knots are:
  • The Windsor Knot
  • The Half Windsor Knot
  • The Four in Hand Knot
  • The Pratt Knot (AKA The Shelby Knot)
The videos feature Johann-Caspar Isemer slowly and carefully going through each step of how to tie a tie. For the novice it might be a life saver (or perhaps a job getter) and for the seasoned tie tier it might add some variation to the type of tie knots you can tie to impress your colleagues.

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