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Thumb Nails
20 February 2012
This is a page full of thumbnails.  Well, strictly speaking they are not thumb nails or "thumbs" as they are sometimes called because thumbnails are small versions of a larger picture.  They are more like stamps or mini banners.  Ultimately every page on Toxic Drums will have a small 120 by 60 pixel thumbnail.  This will make it easier to list pages and to have a little picture associated with each page.
As this task is being completed this page will contain all the thumbs, made so far, randomly arranged on this page.  There is no text to describe the page and so it is partly a kind of lucky dip.  Some pages are very interesting or entertaining and some are pretty bad, some are content and some are adverts, but you picks your thumbnail and takes your chance so to speak.
The images range from the very sophisticated Toxic Drums animated rotating logo which took at least a week to construct to simple thumbnails of an image from the respective page.  Some are animated gifs and others are simple jpeg files.  Some indicate something meaningful about the content of the page and others are completely random or abstract and give little or no idea of the page they belong to.
If you want small banners for your web site we are more than happy to make them at a reasonable price.  Some of the simple ones can be produced for less than £1 but something like the Toxic Drums rotating logo which involved extensive 3D modelling and rendering would cost quite a lot more.  So if you want some small banners please feel free to contact us and I'm sure we can come to some mutually agreeable arrangement.
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