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Tesco, black magic & morality!
2 April 2012
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On account of a little bit of black magic I am now morally obliged to write an article praising TESCO.  Quite where morality, black magic and Tesco intersect I am not sure but I still feel morally bound.  The point is that I was browsing their web site doing my groceries when I came across a box of Black Magic chocolates in the "Half Price" list.  It was originally £6.51 and now reduced to £3.25.  I was pondering whether to treat myself and thought I would check the price per gram as that often gives me a good idea of whether the item is good value or not.  What?  £0.00/g.  Now that looked interesting to me.  Obviously it is a mistake and Tesco are quite good at making mistakes, as the Nice Price Rice article, Bargain Price Rice article and the Fishy Fish Price article all  illustrate.

tesco black magic

So I rubbed my chin and pondered the possibility of getting a box of  Black Magic  for zero pence.

I picked up the phone and dialled the Tesco free-phone number.  It was a long story but eventually I was talking to a nice Scotsman called Reece and I explained that the lowest displayed price (which Tesco say they will sell at) was 0p per gram so I was wondering if I could pop the box of Black Magic in my virtual shopping basket for nothing.  I did explain that I was actually doing Tesco a favour by error checking their web site and it was probably a bargain price for them for the work I was doing.  I also explained that if they did let me have the box for nothing that I could write a nice web page singing their praises and that was worth a lot more than £3.25.  The kind gentleman said that he was not sure he could authorise the sale but he had another idea;  He suggested that he could give me a £5.00 voucher if that would be satisfactory.  Well I thanked him profusely, accepted the offer and said I would pop the chocolates in my shopping cart.

I didn't pop the chocolates in my shopping cart because on reflection I decided I could benefit more from the "£5 and no chocolates" than "£5 plus chocolates".  However I did feel morally obliged to put up a web page thanking Tesco Customer Services and singing their praises.

La la la la
Tes-co la la
praises praises
Tesco la la la la

- there! - praises sung.


... for cheering me up AGAIN!  You can find more bargains yourself at Tesco by following this link --> Tesco Online.

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