Surreal keywords


Here is a surrealist style passage built with the top 200 keywords as Google designated them from Toxic Drums.  256 words were added to give it some sense and the 200 keywords appear in the order given by Google.  In line with surrealist thinking this strange text gives a good sense of the essence of Toxic Drums to date.  Each keyword is linked to a page where that word appears.

People with drums hear God eating toxic fish with wheatgrass while children write software.  The world doesn't heed Benetton with it's human tax on typoglycemia in the book of health where text is the stuff the archbishop smears on his body.  In fact the Ichthys is rich and can save them but actually causes death by money instead of natural products where claims are doing well and email doesn't exist.  The healthy might share the word but a campaign by a Christian in the guise of Christianity uses CSS in a battle against Darwin.  A diet of Greek humans in a juicer causes a meme using vitamins to work benefits for capitalism.  The controversial creativity makes them feel the hyphen causing an itchy Jesus to forego his life of mineralsNowrap in the range of reviews causes stupid people to wear ties from Toscani whilst advertising Amazon and the delusion continues.  They earn food on Google with the idea of the lifestyle as myth and pay the planet instead of the poorReligious sorts are wrapping wrods with a wild amount of chrome from the church with compassion as the creative culture continues the education in farming humanity for an income.  Quink ink gives nature navigation and pain excels as pigs race at an alarming rateReasonable rhetoric sports supplements with a symbol which is taxed in a timeless zone of tuberculosisTuition is available to wrap the &nbsp which is able to travel to Aconbury where action against them can address the problems of the adsense and adware aliens who ask for campaigns against the car whilst Catholicism worships cats and certainly not Christ.  The computer is in control although the controversy is conventional while the dead-beats demo dictionaries to drug pigs in Egypt.  They send emails for entries for everybody except the few who felt they found freedom and fun with the Icthus ideas which were an illusion generated by Jesuits in letters sent to the main missionary in Mnid where the natives ate Oliviero and the organisation offered Oscar a trip to Oxfordshire to pass a personal phenomenon to the physical population to prevent the raed of religion which was resistant to the roman slide.  To span the spiritual gap between studios and swine was terrible and Vitalmax gave wealth for abuse in Africa where one thousand animals per annum attack the attention of the baptised and the budget kept clicking the colors for companies.  The bad company caused a crisis of destruction (which didn't succeed) and whilst earning nothing for earth the effect on enzymes was an expensive experience and extremely destructive.  But to face the flu polluted foods on a global scale whilst the government did nothing and said it was for healthcare.

19 Aug 2009

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