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 Strictly PPR
So what exactly does STRICTLY PPR mean?  It is, of course, another avionic TLA (that's a Three Letter Acronym if you didn't already know).  It is used in the context of aerodromes, airfields, airstrips or other places to land your aircraft.  Real aircraft that is, not the scaled down radio controlled model ones.  If you are interested in model aircraft there is a good magazine called Radio Control Models & Electronics which has lots to say about model planes and helicopters.  But to get back to the subject ... a lot of aerodromes state that they are STRICTLY PPR and there is some feeling amongst aeronauts that this is a bit anal and self important of the little man (cos it usually is a man - but to be STRICTLY PC I should say person) who owns or runs the airstrip.  But according to the Civil Aviation Authority it means "Prior Permission Requirements" and an aerodrome should state what those requirements are.  Some do.  For example they could say "PPR: Prior permission is mandatory by phone before you take off."  Or "PPR: Attempt to contact the airfield at least ten minutes before landing."  Or even "PPR - NONE."  But it is not unreasonable that people take it to mean "Prior Permission Required" especially if it is simply put as "PPR" with no context or explanation.  And it seems understandable what "PPR by phone." means.  Some aviators regard PPR to mean simply contact the aerodrome before landing, either by phone before taking off or by radio on approach, and STRICTLY PPR to mean that you must phone to make arrangements prior to taking off.  But all in all it is surprising that the real meaning of PPR seems little known by aviators and is generally understood to mean that you need to get permission from the airfield in order to land there.  Fortunately this little understood term doesn't seem to have any dire consequences and most aviators get permission to land in plenty of time.

Here is a list of some UK (mostly unlicensed) aerodromes and airfields and the things they say about PPR.  Amazing for such a rule based activity as flying.  Some like Bicester say weird things like "DO NOT FLY IN WITHOUT PPR" so I guess if you have some PPR papers in your ruck sack you can fly in and then there are places like Dunsfold where, perhaps due to their history with the RAF, they actually get it right.  (Zyra has a page on other Flying-related Resources if you are interested.)

Ashcroft Airfield: "PPR by telephone."
Andreas Airfield: "prior permission by telephone is required"
Aston Down Airfield: "strictly £8.00 PPR"
Beverley Airfield: "Please call from 10 miles out on 123.05 MHz. If non-radio, please phone for PPR on 01964 544994"
Bicester Airfield: "strictly PPR only" & "DO NOT FLY IN WITHOUT PPR"
Bodmin Airfield: "PPR : 01208 821419 or 01208 821463"
Boston Airfield: "visiting aircraft welcome - strictly PPR"
Branscombe Airfield: "The airfield is PPR only."
Brimpton Airfield: "PPR by phone"
Bute Airfield: Their website seems to have vanished.
Caernarfon Airport: "is strictly PPR ... call 01286 830800"
Castle Kennedy Airfield: "strictly PPR"
Crosland Moor Airfield: "Opening Hours: PPR"
Currock Hill Airfield: "Power pilots are only to visit with prior permission."
Daedalus Aerodrome: "You will need prior permission from the Aerodrome Operator."
Darlton Airfield: No info about visiting craft.
Davidstow Moor Airfield: "PPR by phone. All circuits to the south. Caution people and livestock on runways."
Dundee Airport: "All light aircraft ... complete the PPR Request Form."
Dunsfold Aerodrome: "PPR: By appointment only"
Eaglescott Airfield (CAA licensed): This aerodrome is PPR.
East Fortune Airfield: "PPR: Yes. Phone: 01620 880332"
East Kirkby Airfield: "Prior permission to land is required from East Kirkby before flying in."
Elvington Airfield: "PPR is required as other runway events take place daily."
Eshott Airfield: "Visitors welcome but please PPR. Steve Clarehugh. Tel: Airfield 01670 787881. Mobile 07798 771415"
Farway Common Airfield near Sidbury in Devon: "Phone Terry Case for PPR on: 01395 597535"
Gransden Lodge Airfield: "Visitors in powered aircraft are strictly PPR."
Haddenham Airfield: They don't mention PPR on their web site.
Hanley Airfield: "Op hrs: PPR. 0900-SS. Telephone Briefing essential prior to visit."
Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield: "Permission is considered granted if you complete this form and submit it to us."
Husbands Bosworth Airfield: "Please remember we are PPR only and that radio clearance will not be given."
Jurby Airfield: "PPR: Yes"
Kenley Airfield: PPR: Time Lords only and beware charging unicorns. (you'll have to work that one out yourself.)
Kirkbride Airfield: nothing about PPR.
Kirton in Lindsey Airfield: No PPR info given.
Glenforsa Airfield: "PPR ESSENTIAL from David Howitt (01680 300402 / 07799 744908) or Email ..."
Knockbain Airfield: No mention of PPR anywhere.
Land's End Airport: "...strictly PPR by telephone." (01736 788771)
Long Mynd Airfield: They say nothing about visitors landing there.
Lyveden Airfield: "Shorts: ...permission must be obtained ... for members to wear shorts." Nothing about visiting pilots though.
Manby Airfield: Too complex to outline here but can be found at: Manby Motorplex Airstrip
Millfield Airfield: "Airspace can be penetrated with radio permission at Newcastle, Teesside and Edinburgh."
North Coates Airfield: "Op hrs: PPR"
North Weald Airfield: "PPR by radio may often be accepted."
Nympsfield Airfield: "Nympsfield airfield is strictly PPR to powered aircraft"
Old Sarum Airfield: They have a BOOKING IN FORM!
Pembrey Airport: is a Code 2 Airport "...operational hours - 09.00 - 17.30 Sat & Sun - Other times PPR"
Perranporth Airfield: "Please Note: Monday to Wednesday by prior arrangement."
Peterhead Airfield: Couldn't find anything about PPR or even a dedicated web site.
Pocklington Airfield: No mention of visiting protocol.
Popham Airfield: "...ask when you get PPR where you will probably park"
Rattlesden Airfield: No published PPR
Rhigos Airfield: "This airfield is PRIOR PERMISSION ONLY unless in an emergency. Prior permission MUST be obtained by telephone."
Ringmer Airfield: No mention of any PPR.
Rivar Hill Airfield: No mention of PPR.
Rufforth Airfield: No PPR.
Sackville Airfield: "Visiting aircraft welcome with prior permission and at pilot's risk."
Saltby Airfield: "Arrival by air is strictly 'Prior Permission Required'. Prior to takeoff, please call the office for permission and further details"
Sandhill Farm Airfield: Can't find any mention of PPR.
Sandown Airport (Isle of Wight): They don't have their own website and no sign of PPR anywhere.
Seighford Airfield: No mention of arrivals by air.
Shipdham Airfield: "PPR 01362 820 709 when staffed."
Sibson Airfield: "The airfield is PPR as it is essential..."
Sittles Airfield: "now requires PPR for your first visit"
Snitterfield Airfield: No PPR mentioned.
Spence Airfield: "MUST obtain prior permission by telephone"
St Michael's Airfield: it has no web site but have info: PPR: Yes ... Phone: 01995 641058 & 640713
Strathaven Airfield: "PPR is not required, but is appreciated".
Strubby Airfield: Probably don't expect visitors by air.
Sutton Bank Airfield: Nothing in PPR.
Sutton Meadows Airfield: "PPR from:- Peter Robinson, Airfield operator: 01353 778446 - Dave Garrison, Pegasus Flight Training: 01487 842360 - David Broom, Airplay Aviation: 01487 842650"
Sywell Aerodrome: "For PPR and other flying related queries, please email or phone the tower: Email: Telephone: 01604 644917"
Talgarth Airfield: "All powered arrivals are strictly 'Prior Permission Required'"
Tibenham Airfield: "PPR by phone mandatory."
Walton Wood Airfield: "Strictly PPR. 0800-1800 or SS"
Weybourne Airfield: A small mention of what was once listed as the smallest airfield in the Royal Air Force.
Wickenby Aerodrome: "PPR - 01673 885000"
Wormingford Airfield: "Please note, however, if you arrive by air, that we do not have planning permission for powered aircraft, including motorgliders and microlights, so you will not normally be permitted to take off again under your own power."

If you have an airfield and you would like it mentioned in this list then drop me an email from the contact page and I will add it.  A link back is always appreciated - thank you.

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