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Serendipity is the quality of making interesting and new discoveries through unrelated activities or searched.  In the spirit of serendipity sometimes when I find a web page that is interesting enough to actually read or if it is worth remembering for some reason I put it in here.  So this is a very random collection of extremely varying content.

Wordle:  This is a web site with a java processor which takes a bunch of words you supply and turns them into a Wordle image.  Wordle is basically a toy for generating "word clouds" from text.

Astronomy Picture of the Day:  Every day they put up a new picture of some aspect of the universe along with a comment by a professional astronomer.  The picture of the Earth Lights is beautiful and revealing.

Visible Earth:  A catalogue of NASA images and animations of planet Earth.  There is a beautiful and famous picture known as Blue Marble.

Pigeon: Impossible:  Lucas Martell spent 5 years making Pigeon: Impossible staring Walter Beckett.  This is a seriously cute and entertaining computer modelled and rendered 3D animation short.

NeoCube:  The NeoCube is basically a pack of ball-bearing like Neo Magnets.  Neo magnets are made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron (NdFeB) and are very strong. This is a toy to be taken seriously.

BEKAAR BOKBOK:  If God and religion and art and maths, fractals and warped space time float your boat this blog BEKAAR BOKBOK by Baishali and Anindya seems to be well versed in all this and more.

Sweet Nuns:  Trappistine nuns of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance in the monastery of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey make Caramels! This is a weird and varied world we live in.

Chickuns:  Frederick J. Dunn has a web site called Fred's Fine Fowl which is everything you ever wanted to know about chickens (and eggs).

Arbitrary Art:  A sneaky and surreptitious insertion of a link to a page on this web site called Arbitrary Art where I am growing a list of "Art" sites and references which are serendipitous in their own right and worth a browse.

God Is Imaginary:  Well there's an interesting proposition.  Atheism seems to be frowned upon by a lot of people and yet it is a perfectly reasonable hypothesis.  In fact is has a lot more going for it than almost all Theisms. is an amusing, factual, interesting and rather illuminating web site all about the proposition that (the Christian) God is imaginary and that the Bible is repulsive.  The video "Proving that the Bible is Repulsive" is like eating chocolate with your brain.

Chocolate Jesus:  Cosimo Cavallaro, the New York artist, displayed a life size Chocolate Jesus over Easter in New York in 2007 which caused some controversy and an interview on CNN alongside the horrible Bill Donohue also caused it's own controversy.  Tom Waits did a song called Chocolate Jesus which is worth a listen too.  And if it is chocolate you want to eat there is nothing quite like the Chocolate Trading Company.

Lego Difference Engine:  This is a difference engine with a difference!  Andrew Carol has built a Difference Engine with Lego and it works!  If you are interested he also explains how it works and makes it very comprehensible.

Lego Gadgets:  17 Gadgets Inspired by LEGO Bricks including candles, USB flash drives, knives and forks, salt and pepper shakers, ice cubes, fridge magnets, and more.

lucymoose®:  lucymoose is... well a moose I guess who lives in Scotland.  The idea is that you draw a doodle, send it to where the lucymoose will make a stuffed toy of it and send it to you for a fee.  Legally speaking, stuffyourdoodles are not toys!

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef:  A really neat project using the mathematical concept of hyperbolic space to crochet abstract sculptures which remarkably resemble the weird and wonderful diversity of coral reefs.  For this web site a pertinent one is the Toxic Reef.

Gruts:  He has interesting misquotes on every page and lists them under Gruts Taglines. One being "lock, stock and sinker". What about "lock sock and stinker" or "hook line and barrel laugh".  And this video of Husstle by Tunng is worth listening too.

TED:  Stands for Technology, Education and Design.  It's motto is "Ideas Worth Spreading" and the non-profit organisation has been around since 1984.  Hundreds of riveting talks by remarkable people are available free.  It has to be the best collection available in the world.

Lexicon CAD Art:  Chas Thornhill is an artist in Frisco Texas and has recently turned his hand to wood turning.  Prior to that he worked with CAD software and produced some very interesting Lexicon CAD Art portraits.

Future of Humanity Institute:  The University of Oxford has a research department in the Future of Humanity Institute concerned with Global Catastrophic Risks. It is good to know money is being invested in serious research in this area and it makes interesting browsing.

The Fun Theory:  Volkswagen have come up with a site called The Fun Theory proposing that there are fun ways to make life better.  It is full of brilliant ideas and fun videos.

Baudrillard:  His theory of Simulacra and Simulation is said by some to be the inspiration of the Matrix. Nothing is real, anymore - only the simulacra exists - a world of hypereality!

Rolling Stone:  Osama bin Laden's fourth son Omar interviewed in a Damascus night club watching Russian strippers. He says his father ruined the economy of Russia and is now ruining the American economy.

HEATSTICK.COM:  Seems to be run by one bloke who says "Our Goal is to provide Inventive and Innovative Energy and Environment Products".  It is an odd little web site and includes things like a hummingbird mask feeder that you put on your head to get a close up view of a hummingbird feeding.  It also has really clever devices for saving energy like the HEATSTICK thermal fan and the Air Maze.

IAWWAI:  IAWWAI is a website dedicated to propagating the message that: "Everyone is God and the Prophesies are now."

Trappd by Krieg AK:  This is simply brilliant.  Krieg are a young and innovative group and their track "Trapped" on YouTube shows all the signs of creative genius.  If Toxic Drums could produce stuff like this I'd die happy.  The rhythm & percussion is something else.  Remember: You first heard of them on Toxic Drums!  And they now (as of Oct 2010) have a "facebook" account at Krieg AK too!  So you can keep up to date with gigs, photos, tracks, videos etc.

Fuck You by Lily Allen: A perfect anthem for any festive occasion.  Lily Allen sings Fuck You live in France(Sadly this video has been removed from YouTube.  Now you can't be inspired by this wonderful performance and learn more about Lily Allen and actually become a more informed consumer.  Through their greed they are destroying their own market.)  Why waste intellectual effort explaining exactly what is wrong with authoritarian control freak conformists when a simple "Fuck You" will do?  Lily Allen is rateable anyway and this delightful and uplifting music track is a perfect irony of respectable state of the art music performance and a simple astute and salient message to the small minded gits who think they are running the show.  Now I believe in God!

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