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Nice Rice Price!
20 November 2011
Tesco long grain rice 4kg bag

1p Rice

Rice at 1 penny per kilogram!

"Where can I get some of that?"


Yes.  TESCO sold me 4 kg of long grain rice for 4p.  It was marked on the shelf as £4.49  but when I looked a little closer the weight comparison figure clearly stated:

1.0p per kg

Now obviously there had been a mistake.  However, Tesco assure me that if a product is marked at two prices they will always sell it at the lower price.  So off I went to find a nice Tesco Manager to ascertain that selling at the lower of two prices was indeed their policy.  He assured me it was and so I asked if I could have 4 kilograms of long grain rice for 4p.  He obviously wanted to know what I was talking about and wished to see such a ridiculous price for himself.  I took him to the shelf with the ticket on and he was a little aghast but agreed with me that it did say 1p per kg.

The moral of this story is keep your eyes peeled when in Tesco.  For all the mischief they get up to in other quarters they are very fair when it comes to honouring their price claims.  So a big


for being completely fair and sticking to your claim to sell at the lowest marked price.  And here is a scan of the actual receipt...

tesco rice price receipt

In fact if you are looking for bargains in general and are willing to wait and take opportunities then Tesco is a good place to shop because they do a lot of good deals.  You will notice on the receipt that I also bought 6 packs of four baguettes because they were reduced to less than half price.  I have stuck them in the freezer.  But a cautionary note; Keep your eyes peeled because there are also some "Special Prices" that are more expensive than the ordinary price!  So if it is swings and roundabouts just make sure you stay on the swings.  You can find out more about Tesco by following this link --> Tesco Online.

STOP PRESS: And then they did even better!  SIX 4kg BAGS FOR 6p!

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