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Bargain Price Rice!
29 November 2011

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Now this is getting ridiculous for TESCO and very profitable for me.

The price of rice last week in Tesco was amazingly cheap.  But things got better this week.  Could they really do better than 1p per kilogram?  Yes indeed they could - and they did!

Way back on the 20 November 2011 I reported that I had bought a 4 kilo bag of rice from Tesco for the miserly sum of 4p. That is 4 UK pennies. Or about 6 US pennies (or cents) which is somewhere between a nickel and a dime.

So on the 29 November (just 10 days since the last visit) I was roaming round the local Tesco store and I thought to pop over to the rice to see that they had successfully changed the price tag.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw the exact same shelf label as before with the price writ small 0.1p per kg.  Given that I had interpreted this as 1p per kilogram I had paid 4p for the 4 kilo bag 10 days ago.  I was none the wiser this time until the lady at the checkout pointed out that it said 0.1p (that's one tenth of a penny) but the manager authorising the reduced price said his computerized till couldn't handle 0.1p so we settled on a penny a bag.  That comes out at one quarter of a penny per kilogram.  If it were old pounds shillings and pence it used to be called a farthing.  That was a cute coin - it had robin on it.  But I digress. There were seven bags on the shelf and, given that last week I returned home only to wonder why I had only bought one bag, I was a little sharper this time and bought six bags leaving the one with the hole in on the shelf.

Tesco long grain rice 4kg bag Tesco long grain rice 4kg bag Tesco long grain rice 4kg bag Tesco long grain rice 4kg bag Tesco long grain rice 4kg bag Tesco long grain rice 4kg bag

Six 4 kg bags of long grain rice at a penny a piece. They should have been £4.49 each. That's 24 kilos of rice that should have been £26.94 for the sum of 6p. If I had a digital camera I would show you a photo of the six bags but I haven't so the Tesco images above will have to do. In fact, if I had a digital camera I would have taken a picture of the label on the Tesco shelf.

Here is a scan of the pertinent part of the receipt:

tesco bargain price rice receipt

One thing is for sure Tesco do honour their promise to charge you the smallest price on display.


... and thank you for cheering me up AGAIN!  But a cautionary note: Keep your eyes peeled because there are also some "Special Prices" that are more expensive than the ordinary price!  You can find out more about Tesco by following this link --> Tesco Online.

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