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Vladimir Putin the nobel Crusader
21 March 2011
putin the crusader cj
Here is a picture of the luscious model Vladimir Putin sporting the latest sophisticated fashion in Crusader wear.  You too can get your own crusader costume from CostumeCraze.comcj
Vladimir Putin told workers at a missile factory that a U.N. Security Council resolution authorising use of force against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi "resembles medieval calls for crusades."
Well of course he would consider the no fly zone "like a crusade" against another country because he tops an oppressive regime.  He would only consider "helping" someone else if he stood to gain.  He is one of the inside out people who think there is one set of rules for him and another set for menial people.  He can't distinguish between stopping a murderer from murdering victims and being a murderer.  He is obviously of the opinion that the "rebels" are trouble makers and if only they would all do what they are told there would not be a problem.  It follows that enforcing that view is "keeping control" and preventing bad behaviour.  It must seem to him that someone else is gaining power (the rebels) and the U.N. has decided to join in the fight to gain influence.  He is probably rather distressed that he feels he would not have been allowed to do that.  It looks to me as if he is in danger of judging others by his own standards.
Although there are many contributing motives to the U.N. actions, and not all will be benign, there is a consensus that a dictator shooting people in the streets is not acceptable behaviour in the 21 Century.  Of course the U.N. does not and will not respond to any dictator in that manor but that is no reason not to in this case.  A benefit is the broadening of the general perception that this sort of behaviour is non-productive and not something other countries will reliably sit back and passively accept.  It seems to me that, at worst, the U.N. has ridden on popular opinion to do something they wanted to do and, at best, they actually believe their expressed motives.  But either way it is public opinion that demands that this sort of behaviour from a dictatorial megalomaniac is not acceptable.
To try to inflame the situation by resorting to the prejudicial terminology of medieval crusades is not very diplomatic and actually quite war mongering in its own right.  But then perhaps that is what Vladimir is all about.

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