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Pornography seems to be a term originating from the Victorian era.  It is not that pornography didn't exist before then.  Pornography has been around for a very long time.  Literally pornography is the "graphical" representation of porn (an ancient Greek word referring to prostitution).

Pornography in modern parlance essentially means the exploitation of sexuality through images and writing.  There is a real difference between, for example, erotica and pornography.  If we need to define the essential significant meaning of pornography it is abusive in nature.  There is little or nothing pornographic about beautiful images of the naked human form.  There is nothing wrong with the sublime pleasure of sexual indulgence in itself.  But when people indulge in the abusive behaviour of using people's vulnerability and sexual drive to oppress humans (that's men, women, children, hermaphrodites and any other pejoratives terminology for categories of humanity like dwarfs, fatties, wrinklies etc.) and to profit from their needs and desires then this is a crime.  In that respect pornography is a crime against other humans.

The indulgence in the reality of being human with everything that entails and to delight in the sexuality and sensuality of this physical existence is simply doing what we were born to do.  It is what some would call natural.  It is living.

The odd thing is that many moralistic and authoritarian dictates actually agree with this.  Religion is a great oppressor of sexuality and yet ironically all the religions around the world rate sexuality as one of the greatest gifts from God (or whoever).  It's that fear thing again.  It is probably the fear of it being sullied or destroyed, of not being able to get enough of it that drives the over zealous protectionism which results in the oppression of anything overtly sexual.  Ironic that the Catholic church rates sex so highly that to be up in the hierarchy of the church the folk must be celibate.  It seems sort of miserly really.  Very paradoxical.  But then religions are.  It is a common perception that a Muslim suicide bomber will get (amongst other paradoxical things) 72 virgins as part of the reward.  Well how much more paradoxical can you get.  A severely sexually oppressive religion offering virgins as prizes after death.  Why does necrophilia spring to mind?  That's a point!  Are these virgins dead as well as the bomber?  But I digress.

Pornography is misplaced and misappropriated sexuality when the natural state of equilibrium is distorted.  Oppress the population and starve them of the natural state of sexuality and you will get a black market in sex.  It is about as simple as that.

Pornography is a vice like gambling and alcoholism.  The word is used to mean a problem associated with the subject in question.  There is nothing wrong with taking drugs, gambling or sex.  But when people are contained in unnatural environments (our culture being the pertinent one) and the natural balance of processes no longer function then aberrant behaviour emerges.  The simple answer is to start going in the opposite direction - Stop oppression! - Promote liberation!

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