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Pat Condell

There's a funny thing about free speech.  Some people believe that they are allowed to say what they like and that other people are not allowed to oppose it.  It seems to go like this:  I say that God is good and you say that God is not.  Well you're wrong so the best thing to do is to burn you at the stake so that I do not have my free speech opposed.  Bear in mind that if I am right and God is good that it really wouldn't be good if someone else convinced other people that it wasn't true.  That would be like annihilating God and he's good so it wouldn't be a good thing at all.  Therefore free speech is a good idea so long as it is right.

I'm glad we've sorted that out!

pat condell god bless atheism

Pat Condell is a comedian with attitude and a very naughty boy.  He started off with all the advantages God could muster.  He was Born a Roman Catholic (because it's a genetic sort of thing with humans).  His father was a compulsive gambler.  The family was impoverished and they had no place like home.  So what happened to this good Catholic boy.  Somewhere along the line the devil got his hands on him and managed to tempt him away from being a nice God fearing person working hard for his masters and bowing down to the powers that be and generally leading a good holy, meek and mild, materially sparse life.  Somehow the evil forces managed to recruit him as an ardent atheist.  It's quite inexplicable how the multifaceted monotheistic God of many good religions on this planet today managed to lose their grip on this poor unfortunate victim of evil.  It's a strange thing, with the multitude of religions available, with the various channels that God has created to do his good work, with the supermarket like variety of spiritual guidance and nourishment available that someone can, in this modern enlightened age, succumb to the dark and gloomy world of radical atheism.  What's in it for him?  All he has is a meaningless material existence followed by total annihilation and nothingness.  Not surprising then that he is making a lot of noise about the injustice in the world.  Perhaps he should get a little introspective and consider that really he is hurting inside because he feels God doesn't love him.  Perhaps God is calling to him and trying to get the message through the dark veil of morbid crusted disillusionment.  Perhaps God still loves him and is willing to try to get him to realise this.  Maybe Pat can be saved.  Maybe, just maybe, God can perform a miracle and allow Pat the revelation that his life is not barren and he can experience a kind of Saul on the road to Damascus conversion.  I guess it doesn't matter which of God's multiple personalities gets through.  I suppose it is irrelevant how he interprets the existence of God.  At the end of the day there is only one God no matter how many there appear to be and all the good religions of the world are working hard at doing God's work to bring happiness and harmony to all.  On the subject of Saul, who then became Paul, he was persecuting Christians and suddenly was enlightened and became a Christian.  I think God should bless Pat Condell by giving him the necessary lobotomy, or whatever the spiritual equivalent is of cutting out the bad bit, to become a Muslim.  Once he let go of his fear he could be enlightened to the beauty and love of Islam.  Once this has occurred he could stop worrying about all the dreadful things that people do in the name of religion and concentrate on the wonderful bits.  He could live in la-la land and I'm sure he would be a lot happier.  That way all the good religions of the world could get on with their job of converting people to their way of thinking without the hassle of people like Pat Condell making their life more difficult than it need be.

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