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The newsletter at Toxic Drums is produced erratically and periodically (maybe about once a month).  It is full of info about the latest pages that have been created and any other things that seem relevant or irrelevant at the time.  It is meant to be a small piece of serendipitous entertainment which can be read during coffee break or on those rainy days when you are itching to find something to occupy your brain.

Conventional newspapers keep trying to find the most horrible or contentious current stuff to fill their pages or the most banal and trite rubbish.  Other newsletters usually try to keep you abreast of the latest developments in their particular field of interest.  Toxic Drums perhaps does all these things but primarily it concentrates on the things I have encountered or covered on Toxic Drums and is therefore more like a "Did You Know?" random dip.

The intention being to introduce all sorts of people to all sorts of things that they had perhaps never thought about before.  If you find there is something you would like covering in the newsletter or there is something on Toxic Drums that you would like to know more about then please email me and let me know.

There is no subscription charge and you can unsubscribe any time you wish.  All email addresses and personal details are treated with the greatest respect and never disclosed to anyone else.  Click here to get on the Newsletter List to keep up with developments at Toxic Drums.  Alternatively you can email me from the contact page telling me you want to be on the newsletter email list.

Here is a list of all previous issues for your perusal:

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