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Toxic Drums Newsletter 8    2011/06/09

Intergalactic Nucleus Welcome to another scintillating edition of the Toxic Drums Newsletter.

It seems a little late!  Well it is.  But it is not the longest gap between newsletters:

The time between newsletters 1 and 2 ( 8 Sep 2009 and 29 Jan 2010) = 143 days.
The time between newsletters 2 and 3 (29 Jan 2010 and 30 Apr 2010) = 91 days.
The time between newsletters 3 and 4 (30 Apr 2010 and 29 Jun 2010) = 60 days.
The time between newsletters 4 and 5 (29 Jun 2010 and 20 Sep 2010) = 83 days.
The time between newsletters 5 and 6 (20 Sep 2010 and 17 Dec 2010) = 88 days.
The time between newsletters 6 and 7 (17 Dec 2010 and 27 Jan 2011) = 41 days.
The time between newsletters 7 and 8 (27 Jan 2011 and 9 Jun 2011) = 134 days.

Why do I do that?  Well it's because I can.  Why can I?  Because I write software and it is easy to get the computer to do all sorts of stuff when you write software.  I like writing software.  But I can't get it to make me money.  But then money is a scam.  I tried telling American Express that the other day but they didn't quite get it.  As far as they are concerned it isn't.

On the subject of money being a scam, if you doubt me one teeny weeny little bit just go and watch Zeitgeist: Addendum at

I am currently trying to put together a few pages on the Zeitgeist series but the first (Zeitgeist: The Movie) is worth watching.  The second (Zeitgeist: Addendum) should be mandatory viewing for all children at age 14 and the third (Zeitgeist: Moving Forward) is a little tough towards the end but the first half has got some real gems about humanity and the way it works.

Zyra has a theory on Ratality which he has not yet published on but essentially it goes like this.  Imagine those rats running around the scientists maze.  They are acting just like rats do (in a maze).  But to the rat something is wrong.  Now laboratory rats don't know what their ratality (rat reality) should be like but they should be in a grubbier environment with more interesting and variable smells and textures.  There should be lots of dark crevices and scary open space.  Something is wrong but they wouldn't be sure what it was.  Well think about it some time.  Is this civilised society real reality?  Or has it always struck you that there is something not quite right but you just couldn't put your finger on it.  I can assure you that something is fundamentally wrong.  I am working on it and will expound my perception as and when I get it sorted.  In the mean time I will just have to keep doing whatever it is I am doing.

So what has been happening at your favourite web site?  The Egyptian Revolution!  That's what happened.  I got obsessed by it.  I seem to have a slightly different view of things than a lot of the loud voices out there.  For me it is not either an Egyptian revolution or an Arab revolution.  It is not even the Arab Spring.  It is the evolution of human consciousness.  Egypt and the evolving Simulacra was written on day 7 of the Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square.  It is as pertinent now as it was when I wrote it.  Then came the famous Hosni Mubarak's speech which I tore to shreds for entertainment and then came the Nightmare in Liberation Square.  Given all the crap spewing forth from politician's orifices I had to write a somewhat sarcastic page entitled Just shoot Assange!  The Egyptians got rid of Mubarak and the Well Done Egypt page was created.  At this stage it seemed pertinent to write something more coherent about what I see as the fundamental historical evolution called the Authoritarian Paradigm Collapse.  Then there was a humorous page on Vladimir the Crusader with a very fetching picture of Vladdy in his Crusaders outfit.  Another piece on the profound importance of the current Global Revolution which ends with the line "Humanity will no longer be subject to the dark and sinister secret machinations of the frightened ego represented by the current "leaders" on planet Earth."  You'd better believe it.  I have never been wrong before. (Well maybe once.)

Then God took the world and shook it by the shoulders and shifted Japan 4.5 meters towards America.  Apparently he was trying to tell those evil atheists that he really exists.  Scary!  I couldn't resist commenting on the farce that was Fukushima.  Given that Toxic Drums does not want to be a News Site I decided to put a list of News Sources up so that I could easily check out various news agencies and stories.  If you have some recommendable news sources please just let me know and I will most likely add them to the page.

At this stage various things were overwhelming me.  It's tragic really but my health gets worse and my state of bewilderment and confusion, distress and anxiety, discomfort and pain all seem to increase at an alarming rate.  Net effect = I slow down.  I started the Toxic Drums Blogger Blog on 25 January 2010.  This year I have been blogging more and more.  Part of the reason being because it is so much easier than creating html pages on Toxic Drums.  But I have not been disciplined about it and so it has slowed work on the web site down almost to a halt.

But the Blog is worth following.  Not least because if you request email notifications of posts you effectively get brief newsletters much more regularly.  So go there now and click on the Follow by Email Submit Button.  I've checked it out and it works satisfactorily.  Either that or scroll down a bit and click the little Google "Follow" button.  You'll be glad you did.

In the spirit of rewarding the dedicated people who have got this far in the newsletter my favourite blog post is Where to put your iPad.

Then there's the whole Children Services Abuse issue.  On account of confidentiality or something ... Dave says... "Not to put too fine a point on it, ever since my ex went off her rocker rather like Colonel Muarmuarmuamuamuamar Gaddafi my daughter and my lives have been swamped in psychological and emotional violence and abuse.  It is endemic in our culture and you might recall the beginnings of your experience of it in primary school.  I am sometimes accused of taking things too seriously and sometimes accused of being too sensitive but they are just criticisms.  What I am is human.  As the catastrophe entered its seventh year the wee one ended up in hospital and due to officious vindictive personnel in the hospital they represented me as a predatory paedophile to the Children Services and the wee one as a helpless deranged dependent.  The Children Services couldn't resist the opportunity and sailed in like Delores Umbrage to continue the abuse.  After handling the crisis I began to get a little angry.  I was very polite to start with in my questioning of their methods and tactics.  But they made the mistake of riling me some more.  My favourite bit to date is probably the letter to the Complaints Department.  The real issue here is that they have cause significant tangible damage to both of us and I hope they are not going to get away with it."

Dave wants to make their bad behaviour public because it seems the only way to get them to do anything about it.  So please write to your local MP about it.  Write to the Prime Minister, the President of America, anybody in fact.  Twitter it, Facebook it, StumbleUpon it, anything.

Then there was the Ostracism page.  Just more evidence of how abuse can occur in our culture and the tangible, physical, real consequences of abusive behaviour.  But being an artist I had to put the Intergalactic Nucleus on the page.  I like pictures with stuff when I am reading and so I try to add them as often as possible.  Sometimes they are related but sometimes they are just incidental art hanging on the virtual wall.  And there is an addition to the List of Interesting People in the form of Jesse Ventura.  If you haven't already heard of HAARP take a look at Jesse's video on Toxic Drums' Blog.

I am currently hatching a theory (or being enlightened with a vision) and the central theme is that we are actually already pandering to robots.  But hopefully more on that next time.

May the great Robot in the sky bring you happiness and joy
As ever, Sam

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