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Toxic Drums Newsletter 6    2010/12/17

Toxic Drums revolving Ah!  Another Toxic Drums newsletter.  "I'd forgotten all about them." I hear you cry.  But fear not - we are still here and struggling onward and upward.  What the hell puts me in such a good mood?  Well it isn't my health or my finances that's for sure.  It isn't the politicians or the bankers either.  Not the legal system or the social services.  No.  None of them.  They continue their relentless oppression and the devastation worsens but...

Some hype it as cyber war and some dismiss it as a few adolescent geeks but Toxic Drums will stake its reputation on the fact that it is more significant than the invention of the printing press and it is more important to humanity than the wheel.  It is WikiLeaks!  You can watch a good documentary about WikiLeaks on the WikiRebels page.  WikiLeaks has dawned on the internet and is shedding light on the darker echelons of world politics.  Julian Assange is being victimised and the bullies are trying every trick in the book to destroy freedom of speech on the internet.  This is Cyber-War!

If there were ever to be the manifestation of the apocalypse then this is where it starts.  It is the final battle between good and evil.  One of them will win.  It is humanity's last chance.  Sounds dramatic but think on it.  Where are we going with global warming?  What is the future of a repeated history of empire building and warring regimes?  We have reached the end of our current financial model.  The world population stands at the maximum our way of life can sustain.  All that is left is the competing materialistic forces that will rape and plunder the remnants of mother Earth until she can no longer sustain humanity.  THIS MADNESS HAS GOT TO STOP!

There is only one way.  We have to work together to shift the conscious paradigms and to live in sustainable harmony with nature and ourselves.  We have to stop the authoritarian despots from manipulating the collective perception of reality and dumbing the population down for their own gratification.  WikiLeaks has performed a megalithic task and has confronted all the world governments with their own judgement of their actions.  Little surprise that the US government is panicking and doing anything it can to secure the crucifixion of Julian Assange, the perceived figurehead of this real concept of freedom of information.  Real freedom - note.  Not the freedom that the despots will afford us that suits them and maintains their control but the "terrible freedom" that the Arch Bishop of Canterbury refers to when he suggests God won't save stupid people.

SIGN THE WIKILEAKS PETITION before you do anything else.

Wake up!  Support WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.  Make it known that the people of this planet are taking power away from the control freaks and the only politicians who will be acceptable are the ones who wish to be answerable to the population and their own asserted values.  The hope for the internet is that communication is free to the people and that no individual or organisation can ultimately control or intimidate the population any more.  Life is too difficult anyway without it being abused by tragically misguided power mongers.  We can get the politicians under sensible control.  But we cannot tolerate political censorship of the internet.  If we allow it then we are lost.  History is a good enough prediction of this.  If we allow the bullies to win we might have lost the last chance humanity has.

So - don't say you didn't know!

And, life still goes on in other quarters.  I have recently acquired some software called Newtek Lightwave.  It is the best modelling and rendering animation package available and it runs on a home computer.  It's a little limited (on my computer) in its capacity to produce feature length films and I'm a little limited in my capacity too.  But I have mastered some of the skills required and have three examples of work available on Toxic Drums.  There is the Zyra Motel page which is a fictitious labyrinthine motel and I did a special set of dancing Toxic Drums Love Hearts in the hope of selling some happiness to other folk to help with my fiduciary requirements.  Then there is the current front page of Toxic Drums which features a philosophical paradigm in the form of the two words "Toxic" and "Drums" both carved out of the same three dimensional block such that it says something quite different depending upon which way you look at it.

Due to ill health, interfering authorities and time learning Lightwave there has been little content added to this site over the past 3 months.  However, what has been added is of superior quality of course.  The latest splurge is the WikiLeaks pages which include a page on Julian Assange, another page addressing the oft voiced question hero or traitor, one entitled Internet War and finally one which gives access to WikiRebels: The Documentary by a Swedish television company.  If you are interested you should get to watch it because the suggestion is it will only be available for a limited time.  There is a very uplifting song featured on the serendipity page who's title I dare not mention here for fear of reprisals and the site being shut down by authoritarian bigots.  A clue is that it is by Lily Allen.  Go find it and listen - it's worth it.  There is also another song referenced on the same serendipity page by Krieg AK which is worth a listen if you like good music.

There is a little more Arbitrary Art and there is a new page collecting together much of the specifically "Toxic Drums Art" on this web site.  There's an advert for the Fudge Kitchen which I would recommend anyone visit (it's a personal recommendation - they are sooooo good) before Christmas.  There is also a page on ODD the relatively new mental illness for people who do what the teachers tell them and "just say NO".  (Oh there lies another little example of Lightwave production.)  I have also produced what could best be described as a surreal juxtaposition page which was more of a whim and an experiment in CSS coding.  It is not worth a visit (though philosophically profound as most stuff on this web site) and is called Ken & Adolf.

If you haven't read as far as this then shame on you!  If you have then Happy Christmas (or whatever) and may you have much peace and contentment in your life.

A parting quote from Salmon Rushdie:
"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist."

Wishing you all well

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