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Toxic Drums Newsletter 5    2010/09/20

World Trade Center close up So it's time for another infusion from Toxic Drums.  It seems that the average issue rate is one newsletter per two months.  That makes it a bi-monthly newsletter which is suitably ambiguous because it could also mean twice a month too.

These past few months I have become more paranoid on the "normal" scale but, of course, what that really means is that I am beginning to understand reality a little better.  There was a time that I was an aspiring conformist but those days are nearly over although I still suffer the legacy inside my neural processing device.

One thing that has always confused me is when I can see both sides of an argument.  Is there a God or isn't there?  Was 9/11 a conspiracy or a terrorist act?  Is education indoctrination?  Is factory farming a good thing or not?

I have a theory about these kinds of provocative and polarising issues.  Too often the reason for the debate is a lack of understanding.  Assumptions are made behind the scenes, subconsciously perhaps, and they are never questioned.  For example, people who argue "for" the existence of God are not usually suggesting there is a man with a beard sitting on a cloud and the people who argue "against" are not suggesting that there is not some profound and incomprehensible harmony underlying existence.  But the argument often seems to go along the lines of "God doesn't exist.  There is no bloke up there running the show." and the response "Life is more profound and meaningful than we can imagine and God is what is behind it all."  So the important issue, what do we mean by God, is avoided and the arguments continue.

Philosophical discussions abound.  But there is real reality to contend with too.  Personally I would sit around having philosophical discussions until the cows come home (well factory farming in Lincolnshire aside - sign the petition against mega-farms in Lincolnshire if you like) and leave those buggars to fight their wars, oppress their children, abuse their animals and whatever other perverse activities they want to get up to.

BUT - and it's a big BUTT.  Being a selfish git I would leave them to it but they affect ME with their behaviour.  And the interesting thing is that they affect all of us in the end.

So I have written some interesting pages on some of these subjects.  Hopefully they will be a little enlightening and thought provoking.  There is so much info out there that I want to get more of it coordinated and available but it all takes time.

Conspiracy Coincidences:  A page about the way we think of conspiracy theories and why there is far more to be learnt by looking at things a different way.  9/11 was no accident that is for sure.  But how it came about is neither explained by the officials nor by conspiracy theorists.

Patterns:  Is a page loosely illustrating how what we think we perceive is actually not reality but our relationship with it.  Understanding patterns can help us see deeper truths in life and get us in touch with reality.

UAS or Uncle Adolf Syndrome:  This is my latest TLA for a new mental health problem.  Our culture is more and more defining people as mentally ill (or challenged) but this is coming from a cultural mindset that is evidently mentally ill by its own definition.  UAS is both funny and revealing.

Education or Indoctrination:  A brief potted history of how "state" education came about.  It was always designed to indoctrinate and although many of the people involved try to do "good" things it remains a devastatingly destructive influence in our culture.

Cracking Culture:  Takes a brief look at the rising epidemic of mental illness in "civilised" societies and proposes that it is the culture that has the problem.  Mental illness is now the biggest single cause of disability worldwide - and that comes from the World Health Organisation!

Staying with the serious issues for a moment...

Julian Assange:  This man is the closest thing to an avenging angel I have ever come across.  This man strikes at the heart of the major corruption in our culture and has delivered what I like to hope might become a mortal blow.  If you doubt me then watch the Collateral Murder video from wikileaks and ask yourself if we need to know this sort of thing.  If you wish to remain ignorant of what is done in your name then by all means give it a miss because it is seriously disturbing.  You can see a clip from it which is less disturbing on the TED video on the Julian Assange page.

Release Bradley Manning:  A page to promote his release and the awareness of what "our" governments are getting up to.

We all have to get on with our lives as well and so here are a few more light hearted things...

Arbitrary Art:  A new page where I can add "art" stuff that I encounter in my travels around the internet.  With luck it will burgeon with good stuff as time goes by.

Chocolate Trading Company:  On account of the fact that the "Cheer Me Up" page is doing so well I thought I should offer some cheery stuff in the form of an advert page where you can buy delicious chocolate to cheer yourself up or simply to indulge in some of life's succulent luxury.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat:  Another place to buy rich, delicious, mouth watering chocolate.

Miscellaneous Adverts page:  Simply added to have a holding page for merchants that don't have a category page yet.

So there you have it.  The new stuff on Toxic Drums.  Also, not on the web site yet:  You can download for free a full colour PDF of the publication "Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas" which is edited by Jackie Hofer for SunShine Press Publications.  It has 450 pages with 169 poems & stories and 115 photos & paintings all about trees.  I thought that was eminently suitable for an appreciation of me and my relatives (speaking as a tree).

A small addendum to this newsletter is that my wee sapling came down with appendicitis recently and ended up in hospital for a week.  It was bad enough having the physical illness and the tortuous medical treatment including lots of horrible injections and cannulae (yes - plural) but the worst was probably the inherent oppression in our culture and therefore our institutions.  Poor wee sapling was terrorised, emotionally intimidated, threatened, deserted and eventually reported to the social services' child services for investigation.  She recovered from the appendicitis and thank you to the medical staff for that.  Said sapling is now recovering from the nightmare ordeal that was hospital.  This incident may well lead to interesting information and insights on future publications on Toxic Drums.  Watch this space!

For the intellectual amongst you:
Q:  What's the difference between Ju-Ju money and Lysistrata?
A:  One involves witches and bankers...

With harmony and good wishes
...keep up the good fight & don't let the bastards grind you down....

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