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Toxic Drums Newsletter 4    2010/06/29

Toxic Drums Orange Screen Print Time for another newsletter.  I would say time flies except it is a bit of a cliché and it's paradoxical because it drags interminably too.  And no I haven't read all those marketing articles on how to start your newsletter!

Welcome to another edition of the Toxic Drums Newsletter!  Looking at the three editions so far it seems the gap between newsletters is shrinking by one month each time.  Maybe the next one will be out in one month.  The good news is that the visits to the site are increasing and several people have spontaneously emailed me about the content.  On top of that more money has come in.  It's still only a few quid but it takes a long time for an oak tree to grow.

God only knows what the theme has been since the last newsletter but then God features quite highly on this web site.  I've given it some thought and I think she should because she features quite highly in our "civilised" cultures and there is a lot of misunderstanding afoot.  Toxic Drums will sort that out in due course.  It's a big job this sorting out the world's problems.

In a truly serendipitous manner there is now a Serendipity page where I can bung all those interesting urls that are too good to miss but I wouldn't know what to do with them otherwise.  They cover things as diverse as an interview with Osama Bin Laden's son in a Turkish night club to creating coral reef art by crocheting hyperbolic planes.  And just to keep God in the picture there is also the Chocolate Jesus (and the Tom Waits song by the same name is really worth a listen) but I'll leave you to browse that page.

I guess the theme since the last newsletter has been writing software to organise the web site but I'll say more towards the end of this missive.

This tree had the embarrassing misfortune to get caught speeding in a hydrocarbon fuelled vehicle.  Aside from the atavistic guilt, the event also exposed a humorous irony in the law.  You can read all about it on the Tree Caught Speeding page.

Staying on the subject of wood (hydrocarbons, tree, ...) I had a link to Woodcraft Model Kits on the About the Fish Page page because the Fish Page included an image of a Woodcraft Angel Fish.  I then discovered that they had started an affiliate scheme so I joined and created a dedicated Woodcraft Model Kits page for them.  So check it out and if you are looking for what to buy the young nephew who has everything you might want to get one of these.  Every home should have one!

For some strange reason the Cheer Me Up page is getting a lot of hits.  Indicative of the condition of humanity methinks.  It strikes me that in many cases it is not that people want cheering up so much as they want a resolution to their misery.  On account of this I wrote the Unhappiness page which has some interesting things to say about what unhappiness is about and what to do about it.

There is also the new Get a Job page which is seeing a number of visitors.  I think they may be getting a surprise if they are looking for a job because it is more about silly attitudes people have in our culture.

As promised earlier, a little more about the automation of the Toxic Drums web site.  I get very entertained writing software to organise the web site.  I have spent a lot of time over the past few months developing software to generate site maps, to check links, and to organise the advert pages for ease of development and consistency.  As a consequence I have invested in a new computer with incumbent operating system.  Overall Windows 7 (the incumbent) has a lot of swish and can be a pleasure to use but... and it is a significant but... it is steeped in divisive, manipulative, and generally controlling stuff.  I say "stuff" to cover a multitude of sins from the obvious "simplification" to the more insidious deception around networking.  Microsoft quite surely employ psychologists to understand their market and the humans who are, after all, the fodder for their company.  It soon became clear to me that this version is a significant step in the wrong direction.  Initially I have written the Windows 7 Home Premium page which comments on some of the crap in the software whilst unashamedly telling you where you can buy the operating system if that is your desire.  Realistically many people will, and there is a warning to get the Professional Edition if you have other computers you want to network because it will be cheaper than getting the Home Edition and finding you have to buy a new operating system for all your computers if you want them to talk to each other.

On the back of playing with automation I also wrote software to re-juggle the entries on the Serendipity page (making them more serendipitous) and created a Quotes page which I can randomize whenever I add a quote or re-issue the page.

Technology and, perhaps more significantly, software continues to amaze me.  I won't dive into an exposé of all sorts of dimensions and dynamics but I will say I was so impressed by the speed at which a new web page can appear in the Google search results that it warranted a page.  It is called Google is Mind Boggling and I wonder if you will find it as mind boggling as I do.

I did write a page on the subject of the police monitoring children in Nursery Schools entitled Child Terrorists in a slightly tongue in cheek manner but raising some serious cautionary notes about underlying worries.

And finally, and certainly not leastly, I know a budding literary genius who has started her own blog called Setari's RPs.  If you are interested in Roll Play literature it is worth a look.  Remember you first heard of her on Toxic Drums.

Peace & Love
...and roll on the (r)evolution of human consciousness...

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