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Toxic Drums Newsletter 3    2010/04/30

Toxic Drums on Ice It is time to do another news letter and I thought a topical picture to illustrate Toxic Drums' view of the political figures in the up and coming general election was apt and a good prompt to get the news letter out.

I have written a page with some interesting thoughts about the election and voting in general.  Toxic Drums would like to take this opportunity to announce a new style of voting called the random voting method.  You will notice from the picture that the three main candidates all attended a photo shoot with Toxic Drums and they are all smiling.  Let me assure you that was not how they were most of the time.  We had an awful job keeping them still long enough to get the photo because they were rambunctious and continually griping about each other.  However, once we got them in the drums we simply promised them some very substantial expenses and quite suddenly they were all smiling.  As they left we gave them the good news that we were only talking politically so to speak and that the expenses were nothing more than a fiction to get our own way.  They understood completely.

Being what could be described as a manic depressive (by the less charitable analysts - I prefer screwed by the bad behaviour of other humans) I have been having a tough time of it over the last couple of months.  But to my surprise I have managed to produce a couple more pages than I thought I had.  At the moment things are still a little random but hey - random, like weird, can be a good thing too.

On a slightly personal note I was amused and proud to have been banned from the forum.  It was funny because someone asked me if I was God and the moderator had a duck fit, accused me of being irresponsible, and banned me.  The reason I mention this is because I believe the rising "mental health" crisis is a direct result of warped conceptualisation in our culture.  I am concerned enough that I want to write a few pages on this issue and whilst doing a little research on the subject I got this response which quite affirmed my theories.  But perhaps this is just to wet your appetite for future developments on Toxic Drums.

One thing I am really pleased to have produced is the page of reviews that Dave Godin sent me many years ago of his compilation CDs called "Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Taken From The Vaults".  If you like soul music even a little you should take a look at these CDs.  They are the best collection of soul music on the market.

I also added some more about Egils Straume, the weird Latvian composer and jazz musician, as promised in the last news letter.  There is still more but I ran out of time.  The rest is still on my to-do list.

It seems scanning the more recent pages that I have had a bit of a God theme lately.  Not surprising given my observations of, and frustrations with, the world as I see it.  I hope to be more hopeful in the future.  I particularly liked the page about the Pope and I was very pleased with some of the responses I got from facebook including the "That's a load of rubbish." one.  And I did get a small revelation about the malign aspects of a benign God which I explain on the Good God the Oppressor page.  I had to buy Philip Pullman's "The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ" because it seemed so provocative a title.  Philip Pullman wrote the trilogy "His Dark Materials" and it will become a classic as humanity begins to advance it's understanding of what is going on, but at the moment it is perhaps just controversial to most and genius to the few.  Having loved the trilogy I had to read this new book.  It is totally different and a valuable contribution to our culture but I don't think I would recommend anyone buy it.  It is the sort of book you should borrow from the library.  It is worth a read but if you have money for books you should buy his trilogy or Richard Dawkin's "The God Delusion" to keep on your shelf.

For all of you who want incense and joss sticks but, like me, can't find a good and reliable place to buy them I have a page on the Incense Man who has taken over from Get a Fragrance as the place to get incense on the internet.

A little while ago I wrote a bit of software to see what the reality behind the "doubling system" in gambling was about.  In theory it works but what does the actual reality look like.  It is complex mathematics but it is fascinating to look at the graphs that illustrate how you can win with this method and how you are doomed to lose if you try it.  I brushed up the software and made it available as "chuck ware" on the Doubling Simulator page and wrote an illustrated explanation on the "Doubling Method" page.  These pages provoked a few gamblers with opinions and upset one or two slightly arrogant individuals but it is all good news for Toxic Drums because the page on doubling is currently number 5 in the list of page rankings on Toxic Drums and has generated a little revenue for this site.

Amongst lots of roaming around the web I came across a bloke called Matthias Wandel who has built a binary adder out of wood.  If you like gadgets it is worth a look because it is fascinating and cute (there's a video of it working) and he has lots of weird stuff including a "pen shaker" which blonked him on the head.

And finally, in a weird half daze, I wrote a very short story and decided to post it on Toxic Drums.  It's called "Echoes".  It's worth a read.

Keep the faith.
Sam Spruce.

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