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Toxic Drums Newsletter 2    2010/01/29

Toxic Drums on Ice Welcome to the second edition of the Toxic Drums newsletter.  A little later than expected.  There are several reasons for that but I hope that the content proves to contain one or two interesting snippets to compensate.

One reason for the delay is that I am mentally disturbed.  Or perhaps I should rephrase that.  I seem to live in a world full of people with strange perceptions and mine don't seem to quite tally with many of them.  Most people seem to experience this feeling to varying degrees at different times.  In fact one in four of the population apparently have a "mental problem".  So take a look at three of your friends and if they seem normal it is probably you!  Of course I jest but there is a serious side to it.  People don't simply get mental problems as if they can catch them from germs or stagnant water.  It took folk a long time to get the idea of "germs" being a cause of physical illness.  It seems to be taking them forever to get the idea that mental problems are often the result of a toxic emotional and cultural environment.  Gregory Bateson coined the term "Double Bind" in the context of psychology as long ago as 1950 and suggests that schizophrenia is often the result.  The trouble with mental problems is they get passed down the line.  There is more on this subject on the Cascading Oppression page.  Oppression seems to have been plaguing humanity for a very long time.  Arguably, on average, it might be getting slightly less but oppression is abuse and abuse has a regenerative quality.  See the Fractal Abuse page for more on this idea.  There are other new pages on this general subject of cronky stuff in the culture such as the Pyramid Economy, the Cost of Bread and Houses, Good & Evil and the Death Toll Counter(Would you believe, for example, that during the twentieth century, on average, every day for a hundred years twice as many people were killed by war as died in the World Trade Center disaster!)

When I sent out the newsletter invitation last year my web hosting company got a message from a spam database saying that someone had reported the mailing as spam.  With no more ado they simply closed the web site down.  That was seriously silly.  I asked them for the details and they wouldn't give me any.  Eventually they said that I was in breach of the terms and conditions of our contract because they specifically didn't allow SPAM.  As if it were a fact.  But my feeling is that they are so judgemental themselves that they fear being accused of anything.  They couldn't justify their excuse for their cowardly reaction and so they simply asserted it as fact.  I won't name them yet because I have other web sites hosted by them but I will in the future when I have relocated all my sites.  All of the bother upset me and incurred costs and caused serious delays in development.  Not that I am entirely sure what I am developing yet.  However, the silver lining is that I found a far better web hosting company for my purposes and far cheaper.  They are not too conventional and provide a reliable, hassle free, versatile and friendly service.  They are Vivostar if you are looking for a hosting service yourself.

So there have been a number of pages on our wonky society but there have been a lot of other pages on weird, amusing or just plain random stuff like the Alligator Gar, the Bongo Page and a page explaining the Maca Root featured on the Ichthys Fish page.  My favourite weird one is the Magnetic Morality page.  Did you know that by applying a magnetic field to someone's head you can alter their moral judgement.  I wonder what those judges have under their wigs.  I also created a List of Amusing Web Sites page which includes my current favourite the "Sleep Talkin' Man". I hope the list will grow and please email me any links to amusing sites that you like so that I can add them to the page and more fun can be had by all :o)

Being a bit of an old programmer I did write some software to stick adverts on over a thousand pages in Dave's Diary and I enjoyed myself doing it too.  It does seem to generate a bit of dosh but not enough to give up being unemployed yet.  Working on the web site and trying to increase the revenue I did find a number of Legal and Financial affiliate links including people like Endsleigh (the famous insurance company) and Divorce Online for those of you planning your next divorce.  And I created a number of lists in an attempt to consolidate some of the stuff on the web site.  The List of Lists page is a good place to look for stuff on Toxic Drums but I hope to get even better organised in the future.

On the subject of getting organised I decided to have another go at blogging.  There seem to be pros and cons with blogging but for the time being Toxic Drums now has a Toxic Drums Blog.  It is a Google Blogger blog and I decided to go with Google for ease of use.  If any of you want a blog I can certainly recommend Blogger having tried several others.  Do bookmark the blog and please send in your comments, remarks and suggestions.  They are easy to do from there - you don't even have to open your email client.

I hope that the next newsletter arrives a little sooner.
Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might like it and remember what R D Laing said "Insanity is a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world."

May the spirit of the Universe be with you.
Sam Spruce.

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