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How to make money
from thin air!

 It is a FACT:  You can make money from thin air! 

How to make money out of thin air!

"What?" I hear you ask. "Is it possible? Surely not."

All of us would like to have more money and we would be delighted to discover that it can be made out of thin air. Well if I showed you how to make money out of thin air would you regard it as magic?

This is how it is done:

First take a seed of a tree and plant it. Wait for many years and when the tree is fully grown cut it down and chop up the wood. Grind the wood to a fine pulp and turn it into paper. Then print your money.

That's it. Money from thin air.

If you don't understand this then perhaps you are suffering under a misconception. A misconception that many peole have including many scientists and, wait for it, many teachers!

Given that a seed weighs very little and a large tree weighs quite a lot the question is: "Where does all the mass of the tree come from?" Most people would say that it comes from the ground but they would be wrong. 99% of the mass of a tree comes from the air via photosynthesis. So paper money is in fact made mostly from thin air!

Two facts:

1:  Money does grow on trees!

2:  You can make money from thin air!

Unfortunately that doesn't make it easier for most of us to make money.

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