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Looking after your body.

Being fit and healthy is an important part of being a well functioning and happy person. There are numerous factors that effect health and fitness. Busy lifestyle and stress can result in significant problems such as being overweight, tiredness, inefficiency, back pain, headaches, depression, illness, aching joints and the list goes on. In general it is a good idea to try to alter the lifestyle to improve the conditions. Sometimes this is not immediately possible in which case there are lots of other ways to help the physical body in it's requirement to be well balanced.

In the civilised world where processed and fast food is abundant there also tends to be an imbalance of vitamins and minerals and other natural foods which contain substances vital to humans' well being. These can be bought as supplements individually or in well made food for the purpose.  Occasionally more serious conditions require medical attention and even prescribed drugs to get the body back on track.  A highly recommendable source of most vitamins and minerals is wheatgrass [see the wheatgrass page] but this does take a little time and effort.

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Some examples of places to get vitamins and minerals and other nutritional supplements are:
home herbs HOME HERBS  UK Flag World  fantastic range of herbs and more with lots of info.
HEALTHY AND ESSENTIAL  UK Flag  Omega-3, flaxseed oil & other vegan stuff
MOTHER NATURE  US Flag Canadian Flag  Huge range of natural health products
holland and barrett HOLLAND AND BARRET  UK Flag World  Vitamins, minerals, herbs, natural remedies and foods
HOUSE OF NUTRITION  US Flag Canadian Flag  vitamins and supplement
HEALTHY DIRECT  UK Flag World  large range of supplements, omega, goji, etc.
spa health SPA HEALTH  UK Flag World  huge range of vitamins, minerals, supplements etc.
HIGHER NATURE  UK Flag World  limited range of specialist supplements
yourhealthfoodstore  UK Flag World Flag  Massive stock of health foods and nutritious supplements

Injury, physical stress, disease and bad lifestyle can all lead to discomfort and pain. There are numerous ways to help reduce pain including hot & cold packs, orthopaedic pillows, joint support garments as well as aromatherapy and many more.

For ideas and general healthcare & lifestyle products there are many sources such as:
spa-finder SPA FINDER  UK Flag World  excellent resource for finding and booking spa experiences.
MAMA MIO  UK Flag World  the skin care company for women.
LIFES 2 GOOD  UK Flag World  natural health, beauty and lifestyle products.
mother nature MOTHER NATURE  US Flag Canadian Flag  bath products, skin products and more.
NATURE'S INVENTORY  US Flag World  all sorts of essential oils and aromatherapy.
CORE PRODUCTS  US Flag  lumber cushions, wrist supports, massage etcetera.
magnetic therapy MAGNETIC THERAPY  UK Flag World  magnetic bracelets, pillows, insoles and allsorts.
MOBILIS DIRECT  UK Flag World  massive range of medical/physical/sports healthcare products.

Getting a well balanced diet in today's fast living no-time-to-spare lifestyle can be so difficult that it doesn't happen. Eating the right food in the first place is very important. In the US it is becoming more and more fashionable to buy ready made and delivered food. One important selling point of some companies is the health benefits of the diet they provide. Unlike convenience foods where the object is primarily to sell you food if you will buy it these diet companies put a lot of effort into providing tailored, well balance, and very good food at your regular disposal. They are consequently not cheap but equally are not ridiculously expensive (as having your own resident chef might be). The following do seem to specialise in weight loss but their diets are all nutritious and healthy.

Home delivery diet suppliers:

Some companies specialise in particular health products such as:
VITALICIOUS  US Flag  who produce health vitamin enriched cakes and muffins.
GENISOY  US Flag  who specialise in tasty soy products.

If you are interested in sport or body building which can be a very good way of getting fit and enjoying the benefits of feeling good then there are also good web sites where you can find sports equipment and nutrients and read all sorts of interesting and informative articles like:
millet sports MILLET SPORTS  US Flag World  one of the UKs largest sports equipment suppliers
maximuscle MAXIMUSCLE  US Flag
MOBILIS DIRECT  UK Flag World  massive range of medical/physical/sports healthcare products.

Problems like impotence, hair loss, obesity, smoking, influenza and female sexual dysfunction sometimes need prescription medicines.  These can be available online with consultation from strictly regulated web sites:
health express HEALTH EXPRESS  UK Flag

In general the human body performs at it's best when it is well nourished and well exercised. Everything that tends towards that state has to be good for you.

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