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Lloyd Kemp

Dr Lloyd Kemp OBE

Lloyd Kemp is no ordinary person.  But then is anyone ordinary?  He gained a 1st class honours degree in Physics from King's College in London and then worked in television research.  When the Second World War began his work involved him in armaments research and so he immediately resigned on moral grounds.  He found a teaching job in Bradford for a time and then moved to the Medical Physics Department of the Royal London Hospital to work on radiation issues.  In 1946 he became head of the department and spent the next two decades building up the medical physics services in London.  He moved to the National Physical Laboratory to continue his work and during his career he was awarded the prestigious Röntgen Prize, a Ph.D. and an O.B.E. in recognition of his work.

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In 1968 his wife Mary suffered a massive stroke.  This had a profound effect on their life and for the next 20 years Lloyd and Mary worked to maintain a loving and fulfilling relationship in the face of significant difficulties.  In 1988 Mary sadly died and Lloyd published a book in 1994 about the ordeal, the challenges, the discoveries, achievements and successes of those years.  The book is called "Your sort of Courage" and is available from Amazon in the UK and the US.
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Lloyd has been pursuing his creative interests over the last 20 years and has now produced an anthology of poems called "What On Earth Are We Doing?" which was published late in 2008.  You can read more about this beautiful anthology in the review section by clicking this link: What On Earth Are We Doing by Lloyd Kemp.

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