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List of TOXIC things

Toxic Drums
three drums Of course!  Toxic Drums is a world famous (maybe one day) web site covering all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  Primarily it is a way of life for Sam Spruce, the first tree ever to run a web site, and thrives on affiliate marketing and other inventive ways of making money whilst having fun and trying to do some good in the world.  If you want percussion drums take a look at the Drums Drums Drums page.

Toxic Debt
"Toxic Debt" is a term used to group a collection of toxic assets (see below).  Mind you any debt that cannot be paid seems to be pretty toxic.

Toxic Fox
Toxic Fox Toxic Fox is one of the leading personalised and lifestyle gift stores in the UK. It is the one stop shop for all your gifting requirements. From fabulous custom gifts such as Hoodies, T-Shirts, Bags, Mobile Skins and Protective Cases to personalised Wine, Champagne and Chocolate and over 100 amazing Experience Days and Short Breaks.

Toxic Assets
There are various asset classes such as cash, bonds, shares, etc.  "Toxic Assets" are those assets which have become a financial burden and are likely to be unrealisable in a failing market.

Toxic Waste
Describes itself quite well.  It is waste produce which is basically poisonous to humans or other life forms.  Toxic waste is usually an industrial by-product although there are many types of toxic waste including the simple fluorescent light bulb.  Most famous perhaps are radioactive material, e-waste (including lead, mercury, cadmium, BFRs (Brominated Flame Retardants), plastics and beryllium), asbestos and the infamous Agent Orange.   An example of toxic waste causing serious harm to people as a result of comercialism and coruption see Trafigura.

Toxic Waste Bar toxic waste nuclear sludge bar The Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Bar is a disgustingly delicious sweet and sour chewy candy bar that you can buy from Handy Candy by clicking this link --> Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge BarWARNING: The Nuclear Sludge bar will not cause desirable mutations like metal claws or super human powers but it may cause drooling at the mouth and contorted expressions on the face.

Toxic Shock Syndrome
Also known as TSS this is an extremely rare but nasty illness.  In Britain it occurs about 1 in 1,500,000 (that's one and a half million) per annum of the population and if diagnosed and treated early enough it is usually survivable.  But about 1 in 15 cases proves fatal.  That's about 2 or 3 cases in Britain each year.  It usually occurs as a result of things like burns, boils, insect bites or following surgery and is caused by a very common bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus.  It can be treated with anti-biotic.  There is a web site specifically about this syndrome at

"Toxic" the song
Sung by Britney Spears on her album "In the Zone" it is dance-pop music and was written by Bloodshy & Avant, Cathy Dennis, and Henrik Jonback.  That's a lot of writers!

Toxic Pete
Peter J Brown from Worcester started his music review web site in 2001.  He rapidly became well known and was frequently referred to as Worcester's own John Peel.  He eventually stopped his web reviews 8 years later claiming he needed a break.  Why didn't he go for a bit of affiliate marketing to support his work?  That way he could have made a living, given up his day job, and kept a good web site running.  Maybe I'll ask him.

Toxic Airlines
This is the title of a book by Tristan Loraine who worked in the airline industry for years.  In 2007 he wrote this fictional account of a factual problem some call the "Asbestos of the Aviation Industry" where passengers and crew of commercial aircraft are subject to breathing hazardous and neurotoxic chemicals.  Alarm bell should be ringing.  You can buy this book from Amazon here ---> Toxic AirlinesToxic Airlines. Consequently a docu/film called Welcome Aboard Toxic AirlinesWelcome Aboard Toxic Airlines was made too.  There is an article in the MailOnline titled Toxic airlines: "Is your plane trip poisoning you?" with more interesting facts.

Toxic Childhood
The full title being "Toxic Childhood: How The Modern World Is Damaging Our Children And What We Can Do About It" is a book written by Sue Palmer in 2007 which looks at the damaging effects of our "advanced" society on children.  In recent years conditions like obesity, dyslexia, ADHD, bad behaviour and much more are on the rise.  Sue Palmer who has many years professional experience with children has written a well researched book on the topic.  It is highly rated and ranks well at Amazon.  You can check out more details here ---> Toxic ChildhoodToxic Childhood.  See also Educating Children on this web site.

A very disgusting web site! And one, quite frankly, they should be proud of. This web site is gross and full of slimy, smelly, and revolting stuff for school boys. When children draw irreverent, ghoulish and rotten things at school the teachers tend to disapprove. "Grow up!" you might hear them say. Well this web site is the product of some free spirits who avoided the oppression and refuse to grow up proving that you can make a living whilst remaining truly irresponsible and juvenile. They even have their own Toxic Fart Machine! At your own risk you can visit this site at This site is supplementary to TOXIC magazine by Egmont Magazines UK and is registered with ICRA (formerly the Internet Content Rating Association).

Toxic Waste Candy Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Cherry Bar This is more desirable than ordinary toxic waste.  It is the name of a company based in Bromborough (near Liverpool) in the UK which sells sour candy.  It is themed on the idea of hazardous nuclear or chemical waste with the fictional psychedelic or fluorescent association. It turns out that their Cherry Chew Bars have more lead in them than the USA FDA allow and so they have (around January 2011) had to recall all their Nuclear Sludge Bars. You can still buy their other products from the likes of Handy Candy in the UK or in the USA.  There is more on the toxic toxic waste bars on the TOXIC WASTE CANDY IS REALLY TOXIC! page

Toxic Dreams
Is a theatre company or perhaps an art production company.  Phrases like "experimental", "fringe theatre", "cult" and "performance art" come to mind but although they are definitely part of the ingredients it would be hard to "categorise" Toxic Dreams in the proverbial nut shell even if it were a coconut shell.  Toxic Dreams was founded by Yosi Wanunu and Kornelia Kilga in Vienna in 1997 and serves as a vehicle for productions by various artists.  You can find their web site at: www.toxicdreams.atIncidentally if you like seeing old movie cars being unceremoniously hoicked up by a crane grab and dumped and squashed into a lorry after the film crew have finished with them then check out for a few fun clips.  And on YouTube I can only assume "Toxic Dreams Hauptbericht" is theirs at

Toxic Drift
A book by Peter Daniel documenting the incredible irresponsibility and corruption around the commercialisation of military developed toxins like DDT in post War America.  You can read more about this book or buy it from Amazon by clicking this link: Toxic Drift: Pesticides and Health in the Post-World War II SouthToxic Drift.  This book is an important warning about the out of control abuse of the environment.  It is one small incident (compared with the multitude of abuses being carried out all over the world) that simply killed some, maimed many, and resulted in the degradation of the natural flora and fauna of America.

 Toxic Zombies 
A horror movie!  Also known as "Forest of Fear" & "Blood Butchers".  I haven't seen it and on all accounts it will only appeal to the connoisseur of b-movies.  It is a CM Productions film made in 1980 and directed by Charles McCrann who also wrote it and stared in it.  The plot was inspired by the US government spraying paraquat on marijuana fields in Mexico in the 1970's.  Paraquat is highly toxic to both plants and animals and is one of the most widely used herbicides in the world (2009).  The film is about a group of people growing Cannabis who inadvertently get contaminated with a chemical which turns them into anthropophagical zombies.  You can buy a copy here ---> Toxic ZombiesToxic Zombies

Toxic Parents is a phrase probably coined by Susan Forward in her book by the same name.  The full title is "Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life"Toxic Parents .  Parents powerfully affect their children and if the parents have emotional or psychological problems this is usually transferred to the children like toxic gas.  The reviews on Amazon give this book a credible and positive image.  Essentially if you have had an abusive, controlling or emotionally manipulative parent there is a good chance that you find your life difficult.  Toxicity in parents can be insidious, subtle or blatant and overt.  Susan Forward illustrates a wide range of "types" in her book.  It is often the consequences of those apparently benign parents who have always done things "for your own good" that are the hardest to deal with and Susan Forward offers very real and practical advice on what can be done to repair some of the damage.  "I love Toxic Parents."  Now there's an ambiguous phrase!  If you think you had toxic parents and are a parent (or imagining becoming one) yourself then for your children's sake read this book!

 Toxic parents (2)
An article entitled "Toxic Families" which was on the Thought Energy web site opened with:
"Toxic parents are self-centred and self-serving, and always put their own desires ahead of their children's needs.  They may be emotionally dependent on their children, emotionally aloof, angry abusive or simply narcissistic and self centred, but they always indulge themselves emotionally at their children's expense.  They justify their actions with beliefs that children should always respect their parents no matter what, that children are parental property, and that children are forever indebted to their parents for giving birth to them and raising them." I'm so glad I'm not human!

 Toxic Fingerboards 
Toxic Fingerboards are a company who make miniature skateboards.  Miniature skateboards are to skateboarding what Subbuteo is to football.  It's miniature and you play it with your fingers.  These skateboards are also called Tech Decks and they come in various grades like medium kicks and high kicks.  Toxic Fingerboards also do obstacles and accessories.  You can buy a vast range of mini skateboards and accessories from Amazon.  Click this link to see ---> Tech Decks at AmazonTech Decks at Amazon.

Toxic frog
Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog The Yellow-Banded Poison-Dart Frog (Dendrobates leucomelas) is found in South America and is one of several species of toxic frog.  It does not manufacture it's own poison but obtains it from ants and mites that it eats.  It is immune to this poison and excretes it through it's skin to make it poisonous to potential predators.  This poison has painkilling properties and is 200 times as potent as morphine but is impractical to use as it causes severe stomach problems. Photograph by Adrian Pingstone (May 2005 - released to the public domain). Thank you Adrian.

Toxic apple (1)
Apple seeds contain prunasin, a sugar which can produce cyanide (a cyanogenetic glucoside) and is found in various members of the prune family.  The prunasin metabolises to form amygdalin (infamously and falsely hailed as Vitamin17 and erroneously claimed as a cancer cure named Laetrile). red apple Humans have an enzyme (beta-glucosidase) that acts as a catalyst to release cyanide from the amygdalin molecules.   Cyanide is TOXIC .  Cyanide works by asphyxiation by interrupting the electron transport chain involved in carrying oxygen in the blood.  If you are trying to kill yourself with apple seeds it will take a little effort.  First you need to separate about a mug-full of seeds and then crush them thoroughly and eat them quickly before the cyanide evaporates.  Fortunately humans can easily handle the levels of poison in quite a lot of apple seeds as opposed to dogs who can eventually succumb to the accumulative effects.  Most seeds swallowed by humans are well protected by the leathery exterior of the seed enabling it to survive the passage through the digestive system and to be deposited at some hopefully convenient point for another apple tree to grow.

green apple Toxic Apple (2)
Apple computers [see more computer stuff] have been found to be some of the most toxic by Greenpeace.  See: Poison Apple article.  When Apple launched its new range of MacBooks Greenpeace found that "...once you by-pass the sleek and cool design of these computers, hazardous substances are a component common to all."  Although Apple announced that they were eliminating all brominated flame retardants (BFRs) Greenpeace found high levels of another toxic flame retardant called tetrabromobisphenol.  Warning: DO NOT EAT YOUR APPLE COMPUTER! 

 Toxic Twins 
Toxic Twins Skull An Aerosmith Tribute Band:  Toxic Twins formed in the year 2000 and have become one of the more successful tribute bands in Europe.  Aerosmith's first public performance was in 1970 at the Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon Massachusetts.  They are a Heavy Metal, Rock band and they spent the next decade getting more and more famous, making albums and touring the world (Get Aerosmith's Greatest HitsAerosmith's Greatest Hits from Amazon).  They are still around (2009) and working.  Toxic Twins seem to be following their lead and going from strength to strength.  However, the only available recording of Toxic Twins is an album from 2001 called Menace to UnityMenace to Unity.  You can find out more about Toxic Twins by visiting their web site at

Toxic Avenger
Tormented by bullies the weakling janitor is humiliated and chased to the point of jumping out of a second story window.  He lands in a ... toxic nuclear waste drum!  He becomes transformed by the mysterious toxic waste, bursts into flame, becomes monstrously disfigured, gains incredible power, ruthlessly kills criminals and morally bad people, falls in love, hides in the woods, gets found, and is saved by the good folk of Tromaville!  An American cult horror comedy b-movie from 1984 produced by Troma Entertainment and directed by Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz.  If that's your kinda thang you can get your own copy from Amazon by clicking this link --> The Toxic Avenger [DVD] [1985]The Toxic Avenger.

Toxic Wave Toxic Wave (1)
The RRD  Toxic Wave  is a kiteboard (that's a surf board for using with kite propulsion).  It gets the thumbs up from the kite surfing world.  It's progressive in design and allows flexibility in riding the waves.  It is forgiving and versatile.  (A thing of beauty that Garrett Lisi would probably appreciate!) RRD is the Roberto Ricci Designs company who specialise in water sports and leisure.  Roberto "just loves having fun making toys for water".  You can find out more about the Toxic Wave and all sorts of other surfing stuff at places like SeaSpriteSports, KiteWorld, ExtremeKites, Ocean Extreme Sports, Edge Watersports (run by Steph and Eric Bridge in Exmouth), SOS Surf Company in Fremantle and Surfers in Kråkerøy.

Toxic Wave (2)
On 19 February 2000 a toxic wave flooded down the River Tisza in Hungary.  The wave contained over 100 tons of cyanide and killed over 300 tons of fish.  The cyanide originated from a breached dam at the Baia Mare goldmine in Romania and travelled hundreds of kilometers to the Danube in Serbia killing fish, crustaceans, invertebrates and other wildlife all the way.  It did serious damage to the ecosystem around the river and was probably one of the biggest ever single pollutions with cyanide.

Toxic Office What is a toxic office?  Well, like toxic housing, I guess it is a bit of a morphic thing depending upon your particular concerns.  Harry J Frank of has a few things to say about toxic offices and they are quite salient for reflection.  Harry J Frank is an LA based motion designer and visual effects artist who runs a blog called graymachine full of motion design tips, tutorials, articles, training & resources for the motion design community.  You can take a look at his interesting comments at

Toxic Jesus Fish (or toxic Christian Fish or toxic Ichthys Fish)
Toxic Jesus Fish In May 2007 the Oriental Trading company Inc. recalled 132,000 toxic Children's Religious Fish Necklaces!  The necklace was made in China and it was discovered that it contained high levels of lead and was therefore a hazard to children as they are likely to suck it.  Lead is poisonous if ingested.  It is accumulative.  That means that your body can't get rid of it.  The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland is sometimes said to have had lead poisoning but in fact he was a parody on the effects of mercury poisoning that hatters used to get because mercury was used in the processing of the felt used to make hats.  Lead poisoning is a serious problem in the world and only recently has significant legislation begun to be implemented.

Toxic Green Light Bulbs Toxic Green Light Bulb Whilst we are all rushing around trying to be green the irony is that energy saving light bulbs are causing a lot of pollution.  The fluorescent light bulbs which are so popular can save as much as 2000 times their own weight in gas emissions.  Most are manufactured in China where environmental safety is not always quite up to scratch.  Mercury is a key part of the manufacturing process and when a group of workers making the energy efficient bulbs were tested 97% of them had dangerous levels of mercury in their bodies.  The mercury is often spilt on the floor and ends up being washed away in the rivers.  Tony Cheng, an Al Jazeera reporter, went to China to find out more and his report is available for viewing on THE HUB.   The idea for the blinking text came from Zyra's flamp page where you can discover more about fluorescent lamps and their energy usage.  And if you need some spare bulbs or tubes you could hardly do better than a visit to Lamp Shop Online!

Toxic Sludge Is Good for You! Toxic Sludge Is Good For YouAmazon pixel "Toxic Sludge Is Good for You!" is a book about the ruthless and dishonest marketing and public relations industry in the United State.  It's full title is " Toxic Sludge is Good for You!: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations IndustryToxic Sludge Is Good For You "and it is written by by John Stauber with Sheldon Rampton and Mark Dowie.  It covers the government and the health industry as well as the petrochemical industries, the pharmaceuticals, food and more.  They are all in it to make money and their scruples leave a lot to be desired.  Who needs conspiracy theories when you have reality?  This book comes recommended by a large proportion of it's readers on Amazon.  I could, of course, tell you what an amazing insight it is and how it exposes the criminal activities of the US GovernmentMr Burns and unravels the oppressive controlling culture and that you must read it if you want to know what is really going on.  But then I'm not in this for the money - oops - yes I am.  (Whispers quietly to self with Monty Burns finger movements and grimace "Maybe I should take a look at this book.")

Toxic Fish UK featherToxic Fish UK Toxic Fish UK fish Is Was a website at and the web page has in the source file...
<meta name="description" content="Toxic Fish UK is a young men's sportswear collection first launched in the UK by veteran denim producer Andy Hollingshead and designer Damien Barden. Toxic Fish UK skull Offering tees, denim, leather jackets and hoodies the brand is a tribute to the British rock n roll lifestyle infused with rebelliousness and classic tongue in cheek humour." />
...but the web site is just there and says nothing about where you can purchase tee-shirts, denims, leather jackets or hoodies. But it has a play list of songs to keep you occupied!*@?

Toxic Roe
Roe is mature ovaries or egg sacks of fish.  Caviar is processed salted roe and is much prized as a luxury food.  Most roe is highly nutritious and good for you (rich in vitamins and minerals - see the looking after your body page) but there are a few fish who's roe is not!  These ichthyotoxic fish (see Ichthys Fish) include Catfish, Carp, Tench, Mudfish, Creolefish and the primitive Alligator Gar (which also appears on the Fish page) as Darwin, Russell and Carson Aaron found out when they were poisoned by Gar Roe.  Surprisingly some sturgeon and some salmon roe is toxic but hopefully not the stuff they turn into caviar.

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