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List of People

This is the List Of People who have a dedicated page on Toxic Drums.

This list is in no particular order.  You can click on their name or the associated picture to go to their page.

Julian Assange
Enigmatic founder of WikiLeaks
julian assange
Dave Godin
Dave was an anarchist atheist pro-lifer of Northern Soul fame
dave godin circle
Oliviero Toscani
Italian photographer of Benetton fame.
oliviero toscani
Bill Gates
A very rich, slightly Micro$oft in the head, philanthropist.
bill gates
A non-conventional eccentric mad scientist and inventor.
zyra html
Lloyd Kemp
Scientist and poet.
lloyd kemp
Garrett Lisi
Surfer dude with a very beautiful theory of everything.
garrett lisi
Jesse Ventura
charismatic, intelligent, wrestler, politician, conspiracy theorist.
Jesse Ventura
Pat Condell
Comedian and social observer with no respect.
pat condell
Daphne Fairfax
School of Elocution and Modern Dance.
daphne fairfax
Arthur Smith
A grumpy old man!
arthur smith
Egils Straume
Progressive, experimental, excentric Latvian jazz musician.
egils straume
Mathias Wandel
Curious, genius, wooden, Canadian, inventor.
egils straume

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