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List of Amusing Web Sites

Roaming the web looking for entertaining stuff is sometimes like a child in a candy store, there is so much to choose from that you get kinda lost.  If you want cheering up or are looking for a laugh here is a list of amusing, entertaining, interesting or just plain funny web sites that you might like to look at if you are killing an hour or so at your computer looking for fun.  They are not sorted in any particular order but you can always email me your votes from 1 to 10 and I will add the score to them and rank them accordingly.  You can also bookmark this page and use it as alternative entertainment to the television on those rainy days!
In November 2004 Frank Warren handed 3000 postcards to strangers on the streets of Washington DC.  These postcards were addressed to himself and blank on the other side.  He asked people to anonymously share a heartfelt secret they had never shared with anyone else and to send it back to him.  What followed surprised him.  It went viral.  He started and it is currently the most visited advert free blog in the world.  It is sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always interesting.  It is worth following it on twitter too.
A web site full of flash animations and games by Cary and Michael Huang.  My personal favourite is the zooming animation of the scale of things in the universe at

Sleep Talkin' Man
Sleep Talkin' Man is the amazing web site where a wife started putting her husbands sleep talking ramblings on a blog.  It was initially for friends and a little bit of entertainment but it soon started getting millions of visitors.
Here are a few amusing quotes to wet your appetite:
"If I wanted to see a long nose and a big ass, I'd look at a horse."
"I haven't put on weight. Your eyes are fat."
"I don't want to die! I love sex.  And furry animals."
"Well that's just great.  Peanut butter in my crack.  Goddamit."
"So this is what it feels like to be a gummy bear... I can't walk though, I have to rock... I think I'll call myself BerNARD.  Not BERnard.  BerNARD.  And I'll be a golden gummy bear."

Something Awful
One of the very first web sites to post users suggestions for entertainment.  It was created by Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka in 1999 as a personal website, but as it grew, so did its contributors and content.
It says of itself:
"Something Awful has been mocking itself and the internet since 1999, bringing you reviews of the worst movies, video games, and websites to ever exist.  If it's something and it's awful, it's probably on Something Awful, where the internet makes you stupid."

LOL Cats
The famous one.  Full of images posted by users and typically with quote bubbles.

Overheard In New York
It could only happen in New York really.  Some of the quotes are priceless and many are very amusing.
An example:
Gay teen: I told her that while she's over there she has to find me a German boyfriend.
Girl: Why?
Gay teen: So he can dress up like a Nazi and we can play concentration camp fetish games.
Girl: Oh, right.
And another:
Male student #1: Your sister has the best tasting punani in New York.
Male student #2: I'll pay for lunch if you promise not to say that again.

Cake Wrecks

Average Cats

My Life Is Average

Film Cow
Jason Steele is Film Cow and he makes rather bizarre animations, films and music.  The first I saw was Llamas with Hats: All the fun of llamas, but with the added comfort of hats!  You must watch this before you die.  After that take a look at Ferrets.  It's another one to die for.  If you still want to die again watch How To Play The Violin.  It is seriously something.

Epic Fail

Epic Win

I Can Has Cheez Burger

Fail Blog

People Of Wallmart

You Tube

Bad Idea Pictures
ROBERT BENFER, Tom Hutchinson, Anthony Rogers & Daniel Carville are the collection behind Bad Idea Pictures.  They do a lot of Klay World shorts which are about a bunch of blue clay guys living on a table.  Well they're not all blue.  There's quite a cacophony of other stuff that is worth a browse too but too hard to categorize here.

Totally Looks Like

Cute Overload

Live Nude Cats
A spoof porno site for cats!  Nothing actually rude but the implications and allusions are all there.  It includes humour and wit including a Jackson Pawlick drip painting of a cat!

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