Pig Cull in Egypt

On 27 May 2009 it was reported that Egypt is killing pigs because of the recent outbreak of N1H1 (Swine flu).  (see Reuters for more info)  Not only is this a mistake because neither will this prevent N1H1 in humans nor will it prevent Swine flu existing on the planet.  So it will achieve nothing.

Apparently this killing is carried out in a most ludicrous and cruel way.  Living pigs are being loaded like cargo several layers deep into lorries and transported to pits where they are dumped.  Quicklime and other substances are poured in to kill the surviving pigs and they can be heard screaming for more than half an hour!

What sort of bizarre aberrant behaviour is this?

No other country has decided to mass slaughter pigs.  It has not been recommended by the World Health Organisation or the World Organisation for Animal Health or any other intelligent and sensible organisation.

Egypt has accepted, by signature, the OIE (the World Organisation for Animal Health) guidelines on killing of animals for disease control and on the slaughter of animals.  Even though there is no need to kill these animals surely they could at least kill them within the sensible guidelines to which they are a signatory.

Please send a protest email to the Minister for Tourism today from here --> Compassion in World Farming petition.

Check out their web site & register your interest in Compassion in World Farming from here --> Compassion in World Farming

Update: 15 July 2009: Fortunately all the petitions and the attention and work by Compassion in World Farming has had an effect. Egypt's Prime Minister has recently issued a decree to forbid burning or burying the pigs alive or bludgeoning them in the pits. Keep up the good work!