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Just shoot Assange!
10 February 2011

I don't get it.  We've seen how they deal with journalists in Egypt.  Egypt is a long time friend of the US and the UK.  Presumably they approve of the Egyptian morality and their practical way of doing things.  So much so the US gives over two billion dollars a year to Mubarak gratis.  Take the case of Ahmed Mahmoud for example.  He was simply filming reality out of his office window when an Egyptian policeman told him to stop.  He stopped.  The policeman then shot and killed him (see reference).  That didn't cost much.  The way the US, the UK, the Swedes etc. are going about trying to exterminate Julian Assange is exactly the same thing but drawn out, more intellectual, more sophisticated and one hell of a lot more expensive.  Why don't they just shoot him?  Tom Flanagan, a former aide to the Canadian prime minister, has called for Assange's assassination (see reference).  Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said on Fox News "Julian Assange is a cyber terrorist in wartime.  He is guilty of sabotage, espionage, crimes against humanity.  He should be killed."  He then added "But we won't do that." (see video (more YouTube censorship!))  Jeffrey Kuhner of the Washington Times seems to be strongly of the opinion that he should be somehow eradicated saying, with reference to Assange, "The administration must take care of the problem - effectively and permanently." (see reference)  Sarah Palin said Julian Assange "... should be hunted down just like al-Qaeda and Taliban" (see reference).  John Hawkins said "So, there's no reason that the CIA can't kill him."  He went on to say "If Julian Assange is shot in the head tomorrow or if his car is blown up when he turns the key, what message do you think that would send about releasing sensitive American data?" (see reference).  Steve Gill says "... should be captured and kept in Guantanamo Bay, or killed." (see reference)  Rush Limbaugh advocates killing Assange when he said "this guy would die of lead poisoning from a bullet in the brain." (see video)  G. Gordon Liddy, former White House advisor said "Anwar al-Awlaki ... is on a 'kill list'.  Mr. Assange should be put on the same list." (see reference), Mike Huckabee a prospective candidate for the Republican presidential nomination said "He should be executed." (see reference) and so it goes on.  Why not silence him and anyone else who reveals the abhorrent, disgusting, deceitful, malicious, illegal activities of people who maintain power over others by unscrupulous means?  Come on you guys.  You want to be evil why not shoot the messenger?  It's in your nature.  And it would be an awful lot cheaper.

Now the question is should I be executed for advocating killing someone?  I guess so.  Anyone who declares a jihad or incites violence should be shot.  The difference between me and the US Government, the UK government, Sarah Palin, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters etc. is I'm being sarcastic.  They mean it.  Therefore they should presumably hunt themselves down like the Taliban and shoot themselves in the head.  It would clear the world up of all this tosh so conveniently.

Anyone who is of the opinion that Assange should be shot is seriously weird (and that's a very polite way of putting it) and anyone who sits on the fence is giving power to the oppressors.  Just wait until the day you don't agree with them taking all your dignity or even your precious possessions.  It'll simply be your turn.

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