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8 December 2010 - the day Julian Assange was arrested for rape.

The Hero of the millennium!  In truth all humans know that he is doing the right thing against incredible odds.  All criticism of him is evidently self contradictory.  The authorities are saps to the manipulators and the governments are corrupt and killing babies in our name with our money.  Big corporations are deserting WikiLeaks like rats from a sinking ship.  The proverbial cat is out of the bag and here lies the beginning of Armageddon.  Julian Assange is an avenging angel and the corrupt will reap their just deserts.  Make sure you know which side you are on.

What is happening with WikiLeaks is extraordinarily profound.

For thousands of years the majority of humanity has developed with major religions as their intellectual point of reference.  Now it stops.  It has to stop because the madness has run its course - nearly.  The moral justifications for the authorities behaviour has been sustainable only whilst the majority of people could not grasp what deviousness was going on.  The printing press caused havoc.  For many years the Christian church managed to limit any reproduction of the bible to Latin but eventually that broke down.  The church had to justify their position and the intellectual explanations became more convoluted.  Nowadays they accept it is all metaphor and analogy, parables and mysteries.  We totally accept the lunacy of the church's attitude towards Copernicus and Galileo and we clearly abhor the aberration that was the Spanish Inquisition.  We even pervert our insecurity to a moral judgement of the heinous nature of the holocaust.  But stand back and take a look at the reality of religious institutions.  Lots of naive individuals practice religion and do good work in its name but the controlling authorities are clearly self contradictory.  The Pope simply cannot believe in the Christian God.  I've been there, I know.  What happens is that each little nugget of righteousness in the moral framework is treasured and caressed like Sméagol's "precious" ring.  Intellectual justification is grown around it like an insidious fungus and as each nugget is protected by a coating of theological rational explanation the complexity of the towering edifice expands to overwhelming proportions.  Like a cancer the individuals are all working for their own survival but at the expense of the host and therefore ultimately resulting in their own demise.

The overt insanity of what is going on leaves me bereft of any sense that I can describe it because it is like trying to explain something so obvious that there seems no better explanation than to look at it.  I am quite shocked (though not surprised) that on the arrest of Julian Assange, the financial institutions are cutting lose, the political rhetoric is escalating, even the press are making their excuses and backing off via the route of distraction by claiming that justice should run its course and if Julian Assange is guilty of raping someone in Sweden then he should face the charge.  But that is all distraction.  The charge is without any doubt a complete fabrication.  It is no more likely to be true than that aliens created a virtual reality simulation of planes crashing into the World Trade Center.  Of course it is theoretically possible if you simply don't know the facts but life is a little clearer than that.  To put it another way for the more simple minded - even if he did rape a woman in Sweden (and recall it was by admission of consent by the supposed victim) it is not the point.  The issue here is of a far greater historical magnitude than one case of rape amongst millions and millions each year on planet Earth.  The malicious, treacherous, deceptive and positively evil behaviour of the "authorities" revealed in the secret documents far outweigh the feeble charge of a "blameable" issue which the authorities are using to somehow "justify" the total annihilation of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.

The issue is one of perspective.  The Western governments and the whole mechanism of control is having its authority and power not only questioned but seriously threatened.  Particularly the puppets that are the American government are very frightened and this results in massive anger and threats and eventually punitive action.  Claiming WikiLeaks is a "terrorist" organisation simply exposes the nonsense that is the "terrorist " paradigm.  The invention of "Terrorism" by the Bush administration and the concept of the "Axis of Evil" are simply constructs to morally justify appalling behaviour by the Western World.  Julian Assange is a terrorist because he is terrorising large numbers of corrupt people in positions of power.  What bullies do when they feel threatened is they exercise their power by causing serious harm to act as a deterrent and to gain control over other people.  The fact that many institutions from the Swedish government to the New York Times are backing away from the side of freedom and into the arms of the oppressors is what the American administration desires.  You can expect it of the financial institutions because they are sinister self-serving saps in the first place but the press being sidetracked by trumped up charges which have nothing to do with the issue, is tragic.

The bottom line is that if the authorities were even half way honest or half benign they would have nothing to fear from the exposure of their "behind the scenes" activities.  But they are terrified and with good reason.  It has been known for a long time that the information age with computing power in the hands of the population and the rapidly expanding neurological network that is the internet that this time is profound in a manner comparable to the invention of the wheel and the invention of the printing press.  This is the beginning of a new era for humanity and it is possible that there will be a sea change in the conceptual perception of humanity to the point that we can actually change our behaviour to be more conducive to actual long term survival of consciousness in the Universe.

Julian Assange already ranks with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, & Martin Luther King.  The authorities are raising his profile beyond that.  It is a little like an assent into heaven and if for one moment you overlay the Christian story with all the tragic predictability of the behaviour of the authorities you will see that this hypocritical Christian society is simply acting it all out again.  They are in the process of attempting to destroy the very values they wish they believed in.  If every crime exposed in the WikiLeaks revelations were pursued with the same apparent moral urgency as is being applied to the trumped up charges against Julian Assange there would be no one left with any time to finish the job.

All we need now is the Pope to join in and declare WikiLeaks the work of the devil and you will see the entire Christian world running around in frightened circles crying out for the crucifixion of Julian Assange as if that would sort anything out.  Now is the time to make all governments answerable for their actions.  Now is the time to stop this abusive behaviour by our "civilisation".  Now is the time to get people power into gear and to hold the authorities responsible for their actions.  No hiding behind convoluted spaghetti legalese or pretentious morality that justifies evil in the name of goodness.  Now is the time to act.  Now is the time to have no fear.  The cyber-revolution is just beginning.


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