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Is God an Abuser?

One of the problems in an abusive relationship is that the abused perceives the abuser as the person who can keep them safe.  This has been reinforced by the original and ongoing abuse.  So long as the abused keeps their attention on the abuser and they remain loyal, dedicated and obedient to the abuser then they remain safe.  If they don't the abuser basically kicks them back into line.  Now why would anyone need someone else to keep them safe?  What is the threat?  In abusive relationships the threat is from the abuser.  Now if God made all these people and they are suffering an awful lot (which a whole lot are) and the advice from the powers that be in the church is to pray to God, to listen to him and to love and obey him and to do what he wants, doesn't this sound a little familiar?  If God were all loving then how come he can have the power to help people but allows them to be in the proverbial s*** unless they bow down and pay homage to him.  Not that in my experience he helps them either way.  The nearest thing I have seen to God helping people is through the charismatic, evangelical, hysterical, stuff.  It appears that God "Helps those who help themselves!".  What?  That's clever!  I'll help you if you help yourself.  Then I haven't got much to do really, have I?  But, of course, if things go wrong for you I still don't have to help because that's your fault.

Don't get me wrong.  I haven't got anything against God.  I just think this subject needs a little more scrutiny.

My God is okay.  But the Gods represented by three of the main religions of the world today (Cristianity, Islam & Judaism) are, in large part, not like my God.  I simply can't get past the perception that the Gods represented by the organised religions are totally conditional, abusive, control freaks.  There is a double bind mechanism going on and double binds are, by their very definition, inescapable.  Not that one can't escape per se, but they are inescapable whilst complying with the "binds".  Subjects of the religion are obliged to have total loyalty to their God.  That way the "loving" God will look after them.  Subjects are also given free will.  And they must choose to be loyal to their God.  So test out the truth of the "free will" and disregard the God.  Well then, it seems, you have brought it on yourself really and you will suffer.  But the love was unconditional?  Yes - but just so long as you don't disobey God.  Well then it's not unconditional.  Shut up and do as I say!  Hmmm.

This conjurs up images of the Mafia.  Pay your protection money and they'll look after you.  Of course if you don't they have to make an example of you to ensure complience by the others.  If they let you get away with it they would have no control.  Hang on a minute - aren't the Mafia renowned for their Roman Catholicism?

It's an interesting idea that God helps people.  If everybody starts off with this notion then all the people who are doing okay can be trapped (I mean convinced) by the notion that God is looking after them.  All the people who are not doing okay either accept that they are just being tested or they get pissed off and figure out that the notion of this God that is looking after them is actually a deception.  A fiction.  A lie.  But then they are not doing well and according to Darwinian theory and the survival of the fittest it doesn't really matter because they will die off and the people who keep thinking that God is looking after them will thrive and go forth and multiply.  Which is what God told them to do so he must exist.  What sort of barmy, self satisfied, smug, ignorant perspective is this?  It seems to be a pragmatic mode of thinking, a "mind set" and not really "thinking" at all.  In fact it also reminds me of the Third Reich.  "We are okay and so long as we do alright and everybody else doesn't then eventually there will be nobody left to disagree with us so we must be right."  The nice thing about the Third Reich was that they thought they could help God in his Darwinian way to accelerate evolution a bit by annihilating the disbelievers.  A sort of evolution of Creationism really.

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