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11 December 2010
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With the release of the leaked United States embassy cables known as Cablegate the rumblings of the volcano finally erupted.  It was bad enough for the Western Allies (what the hell do you call this American led "New World Order" assault anyway?) when the Collateral Murder video was released in August this year.  It is an appalling video and you should watch the full version.  If these things are going on and you allow it then you are complicit whether you like it or not.  You can't help the aliens in another galaxy but you sure as hell can object to your government's funding and partaking of such dreadful behaviour on this planet with your money and your support.  This video caused serious worry for the self serving bullies and the megalomaniacs in the relevant governments.  It is a crime and it is not the soldiers involved that are the main culprits.  They behave badly but it is orchestrated and controlled by the power mongers in Whitehall and Westminster and beyond.  Think about it.  If this was an exceptional act and the generals and the politicians found it as appalling as they pretend then they would have done something about it before.  The reason they are so worried is precisely because it exposes their crime.  They would be upset and open about it if they were half way to what they pretend to be.  So this set the volcano rumbling.

It all got a bit more serious when the Afghanistan War Logs were release in July.  This consisted of over seventy five thousand documents generated during military activities by the Americans in Afghanistan.  Things got hotter when in October the Iraq War Logs were released.  These consisted of nearly four hundred thousand military documents generated between 2004 and 2009 inclusively and relevant to the war in Iraq.  It revealed that contrary to American pronouncements and admissions that over 66,000 civilians had been killed by allied forces during the period from 2004 to 2009.  This is the "known" figure and it amounts to an average of over 30 innocent people killed every day for six years.  Go watch the video to see how it is done.  It is not nice.  It is not acceptable.  It is not human or Christian or in fact Islamic really.

Here's a thought...

The population of Iraq is about 31 million.  So it is only about 1 person per million each day for 6 years.  Not so bad.

In Britain the population is about twice that at 62 million.  The maths is easy.  60 people per day for six years, about 132,000 folk.  The UK didn't like the 7/7 London Tube bombings much did they.  They took 52 lives per day for one day.

In the USA the population is about 310 million.  So proportionally it would be like brutally killing 310 people per day for 6 years.  Only about 680,000 American civilians brutally murdered.  Incidentally the 9/11 atrocity cost 2,752 lives in one day (that's only half the daily average for people killed in war in the 20th century! - see the Death Toll Counter).

But all that aside these revelations, these exposés, these leaks, proved very annoying and troublesome for the Americans and their allies.  So they set about some more clandestine activities and there is serious suspicion that they "got to" a Swedish prosecutor who, on issuing a warrant for Assange's arrest, was overruled by another prosecutor and the warrant revoked.  It got re-issued, re-revoked and there it rested for a while.  But then came the farcical issue of the Cablegate release.  This is a stream of a quarter of a million documents being released as they are vetted by responsible WikiLeaks personnel of US Embassy Diplomatic Cables.  Nothing too devastating has been revealed as I write but the reaction of various governments around the world indicates that they know it is possible some very damning information is in those documents.  The US have gone overboard with their reaction.  Not enough that the likes of Sarah Palin have effectively called for Assange's execution they are desperate to close the WikiLeaks site down.

Aside:  In fact - at the time of writing - someone has managed to eradicate the domain name from the Domain Name Servers (DNS) so typing into your browsers address bar results in a message like "Oops! Google Chrome could not find" or "Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t find the server “”." or "Firefox can't find the server at" or even (for the few numbskulls that are left) "Oops! Internet Explorer could not find".  This is all because some legal beagle has ordered the removal of "" from the DNS register.  But if you type and press enter you will find you arrive at the website that was called  Why?  Because you only need an IP (Internet Protocol) address and a host computer to link to the internet.  The World Wide Web is a domain with a convention of "named" servers which are controlled by a central register (for which you pay a few bucks a year) and your IP address is associated with the chosen "domain name" and the look up table is constantly distributed around the WWW domain.  So the site is not down just de-named.  Recall he who shall not be named?  You know, that Voldemort character, aka Tom Marvolo Riddle! VOLDEMORT VOLDEMORT VOLDEMORT - I'm getting carried away - WIKILEAKS WIKILEAKS WIKILEAKS - ZaPpO-CrAsH-ThUnDeR - OUCH!

Back to the serious stuff:  The US government and all connected governments, institutions, departments, organisations etc. are now acting as guilty as hell.  They did succeed in shutting the site down for a brief spell but it did nothing to stem the release of documents through other channels.  So they "got to" other big bully boys namely PayPal, MasterCard and Visa all of whom decided to fake take the law into their own hands, find WikiLeaks guilty without trial of something (no one is quite sure what), and shut down and freeze WikiLeaks' accounts.  A blatantly illegal act if ever there was one.  And then, what a surprise, the Swedish rape case surfaces again and an international warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange is re-re-issued leading the British police to arrest him.

So there we have it in a nutshell.  Assange is the "figurehead" of WikiLeaks which is exposing the hideous crimes of oil companies like Trafigura, banks, rogue governments like Kenya and, oops, the US government.  So the ruthless megalomaniacs use any method whether it is legal or not to shut WikiLeaks up.  Failing in their desperate machinations they resort to pathetic charges and threaten their cohorts, the financial institutions, who act illegally to assault WikiLeaks by simple theft and depriving them of their financial resources (See DataCell's announcement).  Of course all of this is meant to frighten anyone else off from showing any support for WikiLeaks lest they get branded a terrorist too.  Now it seems the real terrorists are being revealed.  The governments and the financial institutions.

As a response to this there have been numerous Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks laid against PayPal, Visa and Mastercard as well as Sarah Palin, Amazon, and others.  There has been some success in that PayPal's services have been seriously disrupted, Visa has suffered significant slowdown and apparently the Mastercard web site was completely disabled for several hours.  One organisation coordinating these attacks is Operation Payback and as I write their web site has been nobbled.  They have produced a poster where the English is less than perfect but the sentiment is crisp and clear.  As far as I can gather a DDoS is orchestrated by having a piece of software which automatically repeatedly requests web pages from a particular address or addresses.  The servers handling that address are simply inundated with requests and can't cope.  The server collapses.  No one can access the site.  Job done!  By distributing these little applications to thousands of willing supporters and then indicating which urls (that's the web addresses) to assault and when, the effect is magnified.  Just imagine if everyone had one of these apps and could effectively "vote" against web sites when they wished.  It would, I guess be the same as the US government closing down web sites they don't like except it would be a little closer to democracy.  Now how did that happen?  Anarchy?  Democracy?  Dictatorship?  It is all seeming to swap around.  Voting politicians into power seems more like choosing which dictator you want for the next few years and the anarchistic behaviour of the "people" seems to get the results that the "people" want which seems a little more democratic.  Lucky I never went into politics really I haven't a clue what it's all about.

The press are having a field day and citing this as Cyber War.  Although it is currently at a low level there is little doubt that the big organisations are getting seriously worried.  They can't take many hits before their books begin to suffer and then their "bonuses".  That is getting them where it really hurts.  But their customers and debtors and creditors are their real worry.  Once confidence is undermined there is a real possibility of a "run on the banks" and from there the situation can topple over all on its own.

I really can't weigh up how serious this is but what I do know is that the financial stability of the world is now dependent on the internet and the powers that have been so keen to shoot children in foreign countries have missed the opportunity to take the internet seriously and ensure their own power base is protected.  So we are heading into uncharted waters and an era of significant change.  Is it war?  I don't know but I think historically it will eventually be seen as such.  But who will be left reading the history?


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