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Internet Explorer is Broken.
26 February 2012
Internet Explorer is broken.

Yes it's true!  Micro$oft Internet Explorer is broken.  But not to worry because they have a good double-speak department working wonders.  It's not the Microsoft browser that's broken but "older web sites".  They are even cleverer than that!  The hint box says "Compatibility View: websites designed for older browsers will often look better, and problems such as out-of-place menus, images, or text will be corrected."  That is amazing.  It is a God like superiority.  Micro$oft are displaying a fantastic Freudian projection.  They are so completely sure they are right that they assume there must be something wrong with the web site.  They are also so magnanimous that they don't even put it that way but diplomatically refer to "...web sites designed for older browsers...".  How very patronising and supercilious!  Micro$oft are like God.  I guess that makes Bill Gates a bit like Jesus;  The human manifestation of the omnipotent entity.  Hmm, that gets me thinking - what did happen to Jesus in the end?  How come Bill Gates has retired? - that kind of means he's escaped unscathed.

Micro$oft do not follow worldwide accepted standards.  They break HTML and CSS.  If they improved the standards it would make some sense.  But they actually kludge a lot of stuff and then, instead of fixing it they botch on top of that.  It is only their wide user base (gained illegitimately) which gives them the power to get away with it.  It is only because of their rather successful ways of duping their users and misleading their customers that they continue to get away with their ridiculous double-speak.

If the latest version of Internet Explorer can't display current web sites correctly when every other browser can, it is NOT the "web sites designed for older browsers" that are at fault; It is Micro$oft.

Web site designers and programmers are endlessly grappling with needless problems caused by Micro$oft.  Web site code is littered with exceptions for particular IE versions.  If IE6 do this, if IE4.1 then something else, if IE2 but not IE2.6 then skip this bit ... ad infinitum.

I have been struggling for days now to get the front page of Toxic Drums to be consistent across different browsers and Internet Explorer simply seems to screw everything up consistently.

This is how the front page was supposed to look in February 2012 (and did look like in every other browser).

IE showing correctly

This is how Internet Explorer 9 (to be precise Version 9.0.8112.16421) displays it.

IE showing it broken

If you look at the url address bar there is a little broken page icon and when you hover the mouse over it the hint says "Compatibility View: websites designed for older browsers will often look better, and problems such as out-of-place menus, images, or text will be corrected."  When clicked Internet Explorer manages to display the page correctly.  This is very manipulative and is aimed at forcing web site builders like myself to alter the HTML/CSS to display the page "correctly" according to Micro$oft's new "standards".  Except this breaks it in other browsers.  Well, to be precise, in this case, there seems to be no way to get Internet Explorer to display the page as I want it.  The requirement is simple: I want a table that "fits" the available space and I want items in that table to fill it up from right to left and to wrap around to the next row.  Simples!  But for some peculiar reason IE9 won't do that.

IE showing broken page hint

If you are a clever web site designer and have any idea of how to achieve this please contact me and let me know.  If you know nothing much about the inner workings of web sites beware of believing everything (or anything) Micro$oft tell you.  They are like a "benign" dictator and when the chips are down you count for nothing.  They will eat you for breakfast.  You will be cast off and disposed of, usually in a very painful way.  Get Chrome (incidentally Google are getting too powerful now as well) or FireFox, both of which are free and perform much better.  But if you are a control freak and you like kowtowing to bullies please feel free to continue using the bully browser.

P.S. This web page knows you are NOT using Internet Explorer!

I guess that is only to be expected with Micro$oft-in-the-head.  Par for the course! - the golf course, where all the ridiculously rich Micro$oft executives are instead of doing their jobs.  When I put this page up I clicked through to it in Internet Explorer (which I only use to see how they are fukcing up web pages) and look what I found.
IE broken again!

The explanation is that there is a <strong> tag around the "web sites designed for older browsers..." text.  There is no way that this is a "design feature".  It is inconceivable that it is intentional or "meant to be like that".  The clue is in the fact that the text stays off the image but the background has lost its way and has spilt all over it.  It is like watching Micro$oft be sick all over your web page.

I know a lot of people will think this a little extreme but what I see is the (albeit unconscious) parasitic decline of the human race.  Micro$oft have changed the marketing model for software and to some extent you don't own what you buy any more, you simply rent their marketing machine.  Just imagine you bought a car and were a little late for your son's sports day.  You are driving along and the car stops to "update".  If that weren't bad enough when you start up again the accelerator is where the brake pedal used to be!  Oh, and the car can only turn right.  So having established this ridiculous scope of influence Micro$oft then put their own shops down right hand turns.  You find you can't get to your son's sports day but you can drive into a Micro$oft shop.  By altering the way HTML is rendered against the accepted W3C standards Micro$oft are forcing web designers to adapt to Micro$oft 's own design.  Web designers will do that because of the commercial motives for companies to be on the world wide web.  I have spent hours trying to adapt to Micro$oft's Internet Explorer.  The net result is that millions of hours get wasted by other companies whilst Micro$oft employees earn money causing the problem.  They are living at the expense of other people.  It is getting to the point that they have no other way to live.  Pure parasites.  My suggestion is that people stop being so sheep like and gullible and stop believing anyone in a suit with a lot of money.  I have suggested getting Chrome which is a far better browser but Google are in the process of turning that evil too.  So I guess it will have to be Firefox for the time being.  But please folks, please stop using Internet Explorer - it will ruin your life in the end.

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