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The Icthus fish is widely known as the Jesus Fish and comes in many guises.

It is also known as: Ichthys Fish, Ichthus Fish, Icthys Fish, ΙΧΘΥΣ, ιχθυσ, Christian Fish, God Fish, and as "the sign of the fish".

It proliferated in the 1980's on the back of many things like the Alpha Course, the growing polarisation between the Muslim and the Christian world, the swelling Creationist movement and the rapidly increasing level of communication (oh, and possibly American imperialism as well).

Many parodies have evolved too (or have they been created?) such as the now famous Darwin Fish, the Dawkins Fish, the Evolution Fish and numerous more relating to Truth, Science and a plethora of humorous and political themes.

Here are some of various evolutions, creations and variations of this now famous fish:

You can click on these images to go to the place (usually zazzle) where you can buy items like bumper stickers, t-shirts, ties, mugs, hats, stickers, mouse mats, badges, key rings, bags, aprons, fridge magnets and all sorts with the logos on.

anglerfish fish
atheist fish
bass fish
blue on gold fish
cross of nails fish
darwin fish
darwin rules fish
dawkins fish
dead darwin fish
dinosaur fish
dna darwin fish
dual scuba fish
evolution issues fish
evolve america fish
evolve fish
fish cross purple fish
fish eye fish
fish n chips fish
fried jesus fish
fsm fish
get along fish
gods girl fish
ichthus poster fish
intelligent fish
islam fish
ixnay fish
IXOUC I believe fish
IXOYE fish
IXOYE psychodelic fish
jesusaves fish
JESUS color fish
JESUS fish
John 3 16 fish
kavorka fish
keep believing fish
less than fish
lutefisk fish
obama fish
pancakes fish
pirate fish
protect me fish
religious evolution fish
robot fish
scaley fish
school of fish
science eats myth fish
jebus fish
truth wins fish
up atheist fish
whatever fish
whats for dinner fish

If you know of a good source (or are a good source) for any Jesus Fish variations then please let me know by emailing me (see: contact page) and the chances are I will add it to this page.

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