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15 July 2011
earth reversed
Yes - Strange though it may seem, we here at Toxic Drums actually build web sites.  We built, and continue to develop, this web site for starters.  I, for example, am a professional software engineer and do more software development than web site building.  But as time goes by I am doing more of the web stuff.  Given my years of experience building this web site and a few others I am keen to help small businesses and individuals get their web sites created at a sensible price.  This affords me more experience and remunerates me whilst I do it.
If you want a fairly basic web site constructing for a reasonable cost then do consider contacting us to discuss it.  It may be that you could have a web site promoting your stuff in less time than you think and for less money than if you try a larger company.  One thing we will not do is agree to develop something large and complicated when you would be better off with an established web development company with all the support infrastructure that entails.  So for personal web sites and small businesses please contact us and we'll see what might be best for you.

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