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Hosni Mubarak's 1 February 2011 speech
2 February 2011
Hosni Mubarak
An analysis of Hosni Mubarak's 1 February 2011 speech to the Egyptian protesters.

On 1 February 2011 Hosni Mubarak addressed the revolting crowds in Tahrir Square with a totally unacceptable speech.  Here is an analysis of that speech by Toxic Drums.  It is not a political "read between the lines" analysis of even deeper silliness.  It is more a "stating the obvious - the emperor has no clothes" kind of analysis.  It is a little fun too and is meant both seriously and as support for the dissenting voices in Egypt (that'll be all of them except Mubarak and one or two sycophants).

The speech is verbatim and is in Egyptian Gold because Mubarak deserves a gold meddle for utter stupidity.  The comments are in Egyptian Green.  What's that?  Well it's like Soylent Green but sort of Egyptian.

"I talk to you during critical times that are testing Egypt and its people which could sweep them into the unknown."

A veiled threat.  Ironic suggesting that these "critical times" could sweep Egyptians into the unknown when the suggested alternative "known" future is with Hosni Mubarak as a Western Imperialist puppet dictator using oppression and violence, deception and intimidation to keep the rich rich and the poor poorer.

"The country is passing through difficult times and tough experiences which began with noble youths and citizens who practise their rights to peaceful demonstrations and protests, expressing their concerns and aspirations but they were quickly exploited by those who sought to spread chaos and violence, confrontation and to violate the constitutional legitimacy and to attack it."

This kind of pretence is very typical of inside-out people.  It is an attempt to give someone a chance to pretend they have always been good friends.  It is a kind of last chance thing.  It's a device used frequently by bullies and mafia types.  It is rationally hollow.  If the youths and citizens were so noble then Mr Hosni should obviously give them due respect.  But it is like saying some of your best friends are Jews as a prelude to anti-Semitic remarks.  A lovely irony here is the reference to "those who sought to spread chaos and violence" since it appears it was members of the security forces under the direct control of Hossie Boy.

"Those protests were transformed from a noble and civilised phenomenon of practising freedom of expression to unfortunate clashes, mobilised and controlled by political forces that wanted to escalate and worsen the situation."

Um... er... yes!  Those political forces being you Hossie.

"They targeted the nation's security and stability through acts of provocation theft and looting and setting fires and blocking roads and attacking vital installations and public and private properties and storming some diplomatic missions."

Hossi seems to know an awful lot of the details.  Perhaps he knows something he's not admitting to.

"We are living together painful days and the most painful thing is the fear that affected the huge majority of Eyptians and caused concern and anxiety over what tomorrow could bring them and their families and the future of their country."

More veiled threats.  Also the lovely device of trying to pretend he is "with" the people.  The irony here is he hasn't had time to coin a term like "terrorist" to manifest an imaginary enemy as George Bush managed so well.  Unfortunately for Hossie the lack of an externalising term leaves it all the more clear that he is the one threatening the Egyptians and, note, the Saddam Hussein device, "their families".  More veiled threats.

"The events of the last few days require us all as a people and as a leadership to chose between chaos and stability and to set in front of us new circumstances and a new Egyptian reality which our people and armed forces must work with wisely and in the interest of Egypt and its citizens."

Oops.  More blunder.  Hossie is including himself in the "concerned" camp whilst the "concerned"'s concern is that he leave.  A bit paradoxical don't you think Mr Mubarak.  Another sweet irony is his claim that the people and the army must work together.  Maybe they will Hossie!  The reference to "a new Egyptian reality" is a little worrying.  This is so characteristic of the psychopathic narcissistic nature of dictatorial control freaks.  They don't seem to understand that the very act of disagreement means there is no consensus on a perceived reality with the self important bigot.

"Dear bothers and citizens, I took the initiative of forming a new government with new priorities and duties that respond to the demand of our youth and their mission."

Woops - more "we're just the same" attempt to woo the listeners.  And how sexist as well: "brothers and citizens".  I smell some more divisiveness in this little phrase.  "Man to man" talk kind of thing.  A virtual threat that if you don't agree then you evidently are not in this creditable camp.

"I entrusted the vice-president with the task of holding dialogue with all the political forces and factions about all the issues that have been raised concerning political and democratic reform and the constitutional and legislative amendments required to realise these legitimate demands and to restore law and order."

Empty promise.  It is nonsense for him to suggest that someone he has appointed will do anything other than what he wants.  Especially since he couldn't be bothered to appoint a vice-president until now even though it is a constitutional necessity.  That really is like a thief saying "I promise to give you your car back if you will just let me stay in your house whilst I sort things out.  And his perception of "reality" is that Emergency Law is required (it has been in place since 1967 except for a brief lapse for 18 months starting in 1980) to restore "law and order".  The Emergency Law act of 1958 allows indefinite imprisonment without trial.  How stupid does he think these "noble youths and citizens" really are?

"But there are some political forces who have refused this call to dialogue, sticking to their particular agendas without concern for the current delicate circumstances of Egypt and its people."

Oh, and which one's would they be Hossie?  The one's that aren't there because you have them in prison?  Quite rich trying to lay the blame on his own victims.

"In light of this refusal to the call for dialogue and this is a call which remains standing, I direct my speech today directly to the people, its Muslims and Christians, old and young, peasants and workers, and all Egyptian men and women in the countryside and city over the whole country."

What was that little bit of blurb about.  He's going bonkers here.  Very dangerous to sum up a group of people by defining them really.  Muslims and Christians?  What about the atheists and Sikhs?  And I love his other specific collection of "peasants and workers" what about the "scum of the earth" Hossie?  He doesn't seem to have any real respect for these people of Egypt.

"I have never, ever been seeking power and the people know the difficult circumstances that I shouldered my responsibility and what I offered this country in war and peace, just as I am a man from the armed forces and it is not in my nature to betray the trust or give up my responsibilities and duties."

Er... Hossie, this isn't about what a lovely, loyal, brave person you are.  This is about the abuse and the regime that you control.  Check out Uncle Adolf Syndrome for a description of this device.  The only subtle difference here is he is referring to himself.  And as for claiming he has never ever ever ever ever been seeking power... Well?... Er what about leaving then?

"My primary responsibility now is security and independence of the nation to ensure a peaceful transfer of power in circumstances that protect Egypt and the Egyptians and allow handing over responsibility to whoever the people choose in the coming presidential election."

If Hosni was serious about the security and independence of Egypt (that is the Egypt full of Egyptians instead of the fictional one in his brain) then it is overtly clear that his staying in power is the biggest threat to stability facing the country at the moment.  It's all very well making these pleas when there are well in excess of a million people in the streets demonstrating against his inaction on these matters over the past 30 years but why would anyone believe this now.  If he has really had an about turn, a change of mind, then he would be well advised to prove it by getting out.  But he still believes himself to be necessary for Egypt.  Few, if any, of the strangers who currently live in Egypt, who were born there and happen, inconveniently, to call themselves Egyptians and to hold Egyptian passports would agree with him.

"I say in all honesty and regardless of the current situation that I did not intend to nominate myself for a new presidential term. I have spent enough years of my life in the service of Egypt and its people."

What?  They knew that!  They want you out before you hand over the regime to your son or some other sycophant.  This is so remarkably childish.  "Please let me stay."  "I wasn't going to stay after September I promise."

"I am now absolutely determined to finish my work for the nation in a way that ensures handing over its safe-keeping and banner ... preserving its legitimacy and respecting the constitution."

But the constitution is part of the problem!  And the idea that he is "determined to finish his work" sounds down right scarey.

"I will work in the remaining months of my term to take the steps to ensure a peaceful transfer of power."

That was what he was going to do anyway.  The problem is it will no more represent the views of the population than he does at the moment.

"According to my constitutional powers, I call on parliament in both its houses to discuss amending Article 76 and 77 of the constitution concerning the conditions on running for presidency of the republic and it sets specific a period for the presidential term."

This is ridiculous.  What sort of a presidential character is this?  I'll change the law (I won't tell you how but I promise I will - mwahahaha).  Oh and I guess the "specific period" for presidential term could read something like "Exactly as long as the president determines".

"In order for the current parliament in both houses to be able to discuss these constitutional amendments and the legislative amendments linked to it for laws that complement the constitution and to ensure the participation of all the political forces in these discussions, I demand parliament to adhere to the word of the judiciary and its verdicts concerning the latest cases which have been legally challenged."

More utter meaningless stuff.  First of all he is over qualifying everything in an attempt to appear as if it's important and complicated.  Then like a caricature of a megalomaniac tyrant (and slightly humorously one has to admit) he asserts "I demand parliament to adhere to the word of the judiciary" as if that is something new.  Where they not adhering  to the judiciary before Hossie?  You can almost see him putting on a severe face as he says "I demand" as if trying to convince folk that on this occassion he really means it.  But Hossie it is that very silly dictatorial way of yours that has got you into this trouble in the first place.  What a wally.

"I will entrust the new government to perform in ways that will achieve the legitimate rights of the people and that its performance should express the people and their aspirations of political, social and economic reform and to allow job opportunities and combating poverty, realising social justice."

Now you're talking.  What a lot of good ideas all in one sentence.  Did you just think of that all by yourself?  Or is it possible that you are voicing the perceived concerns of the people as if you will now do what they want whereas you haven't done it in the last 30 years when you had the opportunity.

"In this context, I charge the police apparatus to carry out its duty in serving the people, protecting the citizens with integrity and honour with complete respect for their rights, freedom and dignity."

Oh?  What have they been doing for the last 30 years?  If this is a change then surely even Hossie can realise that it was an unacceptable situation and the head of that apparatus should roll (metaphorically you understand - we don't do violence here at Toxic Drums.)

"I also demand the judicial and supervisory authorities to take immediately the necessary measures to continue pursuing outlaws and to investigate those who caused the security disarray and those who undertook acts of theft, looting and setting fires and terrorising citizens."

Yet again speaking as if he is on the side of the people and faking a concern and sincere intent to bring baddies to justice.  But Hossie - Has no one told you?  They were the very people you are now charging with the task of catching them.  They'll all be grabbing themselves by the collar and throwing themselves in prison.

"This is my pledge to the people during the last remaining  months of my current term."

Still hasn't got the message.

"I ask God to help me to honour this pledge to complete my vocation to Egypt and its people in what satisfies God, the nation and its people."

Oops!  Where did God come into this?  I thought one million people outside had got him on their side.  If God is democratic then you don't stand a chance Hossie.  There again, if he is a little more dictatorial you may be in with a chance.

"Dear citizens, Egypt will emerge from these current circumstances stronger, more confident and unified and stable. And our people will emerge with more awareness of how to achieve reconciliation and be more determined not to undermine its future and destiny."

This is interesting.  He speaks the truth.  How come?  Well of course he is meaning to suggest that Egypt will be stronger with him at the helm.  An overt paradox because if one million Egyptians demand that Mubarak leave and he tells them that they will emerge stronger for having gone through this does that mean that if they give up and succumb to his demands that they are stronger?  No!  This is inside out people talk.  He says Egypt will be stronger suggesting he means the whole country and the people in it, but what he really means is he and his regime will be stronger.  To him it is the same thing because he is inside out.  He perceives his relationship with the outside world as the actual outside world.  But Hossie it isn't.  That is your world and the outside world is different from you.  As you might just get a hint of a clue from a couple of people in Tahrir Square.

"Hosni Mubarak who speaks to you today is proud of the long years he spent in the service of Egypt and its people. This dear nation is my country, it is the country of all Egyptians, here I have lived and fought for its sake and I defended its land, its sovereignty and interests and on this land I will die and history will judge me and others for our merits and faults."

Oooooh... dangerous.  You might just see your words come true sooner than you think if you carry on with this amazing disregard for millions of other people's views.  The arrogance in this paragraph is almost scary.  He is referencing Egypt as "his" quite in the face of the vast majority of people who seem to think it is theirs.  Where did they get that funny idea from anyway.  Perhaps the word Egyptian gave them that misunderstanding. Oh, and he gets one mark for knowing his own name.

"The nation remains. Visitors come and go but ancient Egypt will remain eternal, its banner and safekeeping will pass from one generation to the next. It is up to us to ensure this in pride and dignity."

Yes, he's lost it.  He now thinks he is an immortal pharaoh.  Except, of course, he is going to die "on this land".  But that's a mere detail.

Come on Hossie.  Face facts and stop having a tantrum.  Quieten down an leave like a good boy with no more fuss.  And, remember, Father Christmas won't visit you if you don't behave.  Night night. (Oh! Who's that knocking on my door?)

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