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The speed of Google is mind boggling.

The internet is changing even faster all the time.  Moore's Law suggests that technological innovations increase in an exponential manner.  For example the number of transistors on an integrated circuit double about every 2 years.  This seems to hold true across all sorts of measurements like the pixels available in digital cameras and the capacity of hard disks.

There was a time when Google seemed miraculous because it indexed nearly all the pages available on the internet.  There was a time back in the year 2000 when I tested the speed of Google's indexing and retrieval and was quite surprised to find that a uniquely identifiable phrase published on a web page was indexed by Google within a few days.  It is mind boggling to think that there are billions of pages and yet Google can find even a unique phrase, once indexed, in less than a second.

I have now (in the year 2010) been amazed by another innovation from Google.  It is the live latest results feature.  If you go to Google and do a search you will notice there is an option to view pages dated "Any time", "Latest", "Past 24 hours", "Past week", "Past month", "Past year" or even "Custom range..."  If you select "Latest" you get a live stream of the latest pages.

I was looking at a search for "news" with "Latest" selected and I went to Twitter and "tweeted" "News, news, news and more news" and then went back to the Google page to see if Google displayed the Tweet.  I waited and it didn't.  So I tried something a little less broad and typed "toxic drums" into the search box to get the latest pages on that and then went to Twitter and posted a message "The right use for Toxic drums in an election http://www.toxicdrums.com".  (That was when the image half way down the Election Fever in Britain page was being used on the front page!)  I then went back to the Google page and low and behold, two minutes later, the tweet arrived.  Now how can Google do that?

Here is a screen grab of the Google search results.  I am totally amazed by this!

google tweet results

And - of course - what did we expect?  This page was instantly available via a tweet on Google less than a minute after I had published it!...

google tweet result 2

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