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Good God the Oppressor!

In the Christian religion there seems to be a somewhat paradoxical state of affairs.  When things go right people are encouraged to attribute this to God.  After all God is benign.  When things go wrong this is your own fault.  This seems to be the archetypal relationship of an oppressor and a victim.

Now Christians would be quick to correct this interpretation by saying the bad stuff is the work of the Devil.  But patterned behaviour in humans is extremely clever.  Intellectual and logical arguments cascade in all directions.  To suggest it is the work of the Devil is in fact a distraction.  It is an avoidance tactic designed to keep the attention on the act of the debate and to say nothing about the state of affairs being discussed.  To suggest that there is an equal and opposite entity that is the Devil and that bad things can be attributed to him in the same way that good things can be attributed to God is simply not within the theological framework of Christianity.  Christianity has it that God is THE supreme power.  Ideas about Satan or the Devil are representative of what is "not" God.  Rather as darkness does not exist in the same way that light does.  Light is a thing and darkness is a lack of that thing.  The idea in Christianity is that evil is that which is not God.  A name is given to it and it is called the Devil.  The holistic conclusion to the  idea that it is God who provides the "good" things that happen in life is that when bad things happen it is "not" God who has done it.  The implication is that it is your own fault.  It is how the Christian church has dealt with the issue of good and evil for 2000 years.  Good people can be all modest and accept that they cannot be attributed with their "goodness" but rather it was God who worked through them.  God bestowed that gift on them.  But when people are bad there is no such modesty applied to them.  They are held responsible.  Perhaps most importantly it makes people helpless.  If whenever you do something good it is not you who are good but rather God and when you do something bad it is your fault this can only leave you with a lack of faith in yourself and you are a victim in your circumstances.

This psychodynamic relationship is appallingly bad for people.  This is perhaps where the idea of original sin is formed.  Essentially we are bad people and can only be good by the arbitrary gifts bestowed by a "benign" God.  This is how an oppressor works.  An oppressive person works to create an environment where the victim suffers and only by complying with the oppressor will the pain be reduced.  So the victim sees their oppressor as their saviour.  The oppressor is the source of what little goodness they might receive in life.

So the concept of a benign God is oppressive and creates a bad self image.  As is well understood in society and psychology, prejudice is destructive because it creates a bad self image and bad behaviour.  A kind of self fulfilling prophesy.

Reality has it that there was a man who realised he was God.  He tried to suggest that this was how it is to be human.  He was right.  But the strange thing is that the control freaks and the insecure people who need to oppress others for their own sense of self importance and significance have hijacked this message and purport that this one man was God and everybody else is not.  They have taken the persona of a God who presides over bad people.  The Christian church has become the oppressor.  The hierarchy of the church has, by their own insecurity, decided to support the concept of a benign God with deep humility and respect in the hope that they will gain benefits and gifts from this benign God.  Of course, like all mechanisms of control the result is that the "good" people get all the benefits.  How the Pope can't see the overt paradox of his magnificent position is beyond me.  Except in so far as he perceives it as the "proof" that he is good.  He has been saved by this "benign" God.  But the reality is that he has sold his soul to the Devil (of his making) for a false sense of security in this temporal world.  For him there is no after life.  He is already dead spiritually.  Here comes another of those beautiful ironies in life:  He knows there is no after life which is why he will pathologically cling to his wealth and position in this life.

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