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"The problem of good and evil is that the good people think the evil people are evil and the evil people despise the good people and evil is to be despised.  So the good people are evil and the evil people are good and that's why the good people can't figure it out.  But the evil people have it sussed thereby proving that the evil people are really the good people and as for the good people... well they're just a nuisance."

If you have that understood then we can continue...
(Incidentally "Good and Evil" is a brilliant song by David Byrne on Rei MomoGood and Evil on Rei Momo by David Byrne)

The trouble with the view that some people are evil is that it turns a simple lack of understanding into a fictitious "real" thing in someone's mind.  People think that other people are evil.  They think that there is something essentially "wrong" about them.  I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out.  It's not easy.  But there is an explanation and along with global warming, one billion people starving on the planet, terrorism and war (see the Death Toll Counter) it does all make sense and there is a solution to humanities woes.

Whether or not I can pull it all together in a web site is another matter but I will give it a go.

The summary is pretty well known by many people but it does need making explicit because there are many folk who don't get it.  And most people who apparently get it don't quite realise the significance.  It is that we are living in fear.  Without fear all our woes would be gone in an instant and I don't mean that if we kill the pain then we don't suffer.  Pain killing is temporary.  Resolution of pain is probably spiritual.

Science has had a long history of discovery and it is generally accepted that a deeper more accurate comprehension of "things" leads to a more successful interaction with them.  This is not to be mixed up with the aberrant behaviour of humans using knowledge for destructive purposes.  That is a lack of understanding.  But comprehension of the actual reality leads to a harmonious interaction with it.

I propose that this is simply a self evident truth.  It is close to saying that things are as they are.  Take a tree for example.  A suitable image since I am one.  A tree does what a tree does.  It interacts harmoniously with it's environment.  It sucks up water.  It uses sunlight to photosynthesise carbon dioxide into organic compounds.  It grows and reproduces and generally looks like and acts like a tree.  No one told it what to do.

Humans do what humans do.  They are affected by their environment and they internalise it through their response to the external influences.  They have a model or a map of the world and they act as if the world is like that.  When things go right it reinforces the map and when they go wrong (pain) they adjust the map.  That's what humans do.  We don't need to know how or why just that they do.

This process of "map building" is what we call comprehension and when the processes that lead to an accurate comprehension of the world are interfered with the resulting map is inaccurate.  So the interaction with the world becomes faulty.  It simply doesn't work.  It is self evident that if it isn't working that something is wrong.  It is simply how we define things.  There are a lot of "good" people who think that if something is wrong then someone is to blame.  They seem to think that the evil person is a person like them who is choosing to do something bad when they themselves certainly wouldn't chose to do it.  But the other person did chose to do it.  So why?  It is all about maps.

When someone does something evil it is simply because they have a faulty map.  But a much missed point is that to see what someone is doing as evil is only achievable with a faulty map.  If you view someone else as evil then you can be sure that your map is flawed in some way.

Putting the "evil" person aside for a moment the big question is how can we fix ourselves.  Note that I include myself in this implied reality of a good versus bad group of "us".  But the simple truth is that all people see themselves as good and what some other people do as bad.  It varies a huge amount but essentially that is what we do.  I know there are people who blame themselves and there are people who revel in thinking themselves evil but that is convoluted detail to be dealt with later.

There is the nature versus nurture debate but that can be disposed of very quickly.  Are people as they are because it's in their genes or because of the way they were brought up?  Well an ant is an ant and it does what ants do.  A human is a human and it does what humans do.  You can't make an ant do what humans do and you can't make a human do what ants do however much you "nurture" them.  The same applies to humans.  Nurturing is not about making different humans do what one human thinks humans do.  Nurturing is about enabling a human to be the fully functioning human that they are.  Of course they will adapt to their specific current environment but nurturing is about facilitating their development not dictating or imposing it.  So yes humans are different by nature but that doesn't explain the level of malfunctioning on planet Earth today.

The children being born today will be on this planet without us in 50 years time (okay so that is not accurate but you get the picture).  If we continue with the idea that we have to "teach" them how to get it right we are basically projecting the dreadful history behind us into the future.  We haven't got it right and we shouldn't give it to them.  There are many things we have got right but we have to stop passing the faulty maps down the line.

But stopping doing what we think is right seems quite impossible.  How can we imagine what is right if what we "think" is wrong.  What we have to do is go one stage further to the stuff that thinking comes from.  Thinking is the conscious, cerebral, intellectual, detailed consequence of feeling.  It might sound trite to many people but we have to get in touch with our feelings.  It is vital.

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