So what is all this GLOBAL WARMING stuff about?
GLOBAL WARMING is a term that is becoming a coverall for the collapsing stability of our environment.
Global warming is just ONE of the issues.
Some people are involved in the socio-political arena, some in scientific research, some in global economics, carbon reduction, energy efficiency, recycling, disease control, debt management, creative capitalism, and the list goes on.
Every single person of the six and a half billion people on this planet has MASSIVE potential.
You are actually doing perhaps the first and most important thing on the list!
Take notice. Follow your instincts. Trust yourself.
Every time you see an injustice and you feel sad, every time you see something beautiful and you feel good, you change. You become more integrated in your world and it affects the choices and decisions you make.
Here, for example, is one thing you might choose to do. HELP YOURSELF! Only well people can help the planet. Try the Sedona Method course for yourself.
The Sedona Method Self Improvement Course

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