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Global Revolution
29 March 2011
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Sometime in the 1980's the people who knew said that the internet would have profound effects for the human race.  They were right.  Like most evolutionary things they happen in a way that is far more contiguous than you can predict.  So the change happens around you whilst you hardly notice it.  It takes a broader perspective to see the profundity of the change.
There is much discussions in the media about the financial crisis in the West.  There is much discussion about the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East.  There is much discussion about the internet, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, freedom of information, national secrets, censorship, privacy, dictators, oligarchs, democracy, people power, grass roots globalisation and the list goes on.
Here's the prediction:  These troubled waters in the economies and the uprisings in the Middle East are just the beginning.  There have been revolutions intermittently for all of human history and there have been boom and bust economics too.  This time it is fundamentally different.  This time the human race is moving into a new era of consciousness.
If that sounds a bit grand I'm sorry but that is exactly what is happening.
Real Reality exists.  We are part of it.  Every time we try to ignore it we simply create more creases in the complexity but it still happens including our attempts to sidestep it.  It is a profound balance in the nature of the Universe.
Humans for whatever reason have taken up a mode of interaction which includes power and control over other humans.  A central part of that is asserting one person's idea of reality over others.  The key ingredient here is denial of the other persons reality.  It starts very early on in childhood by denying or not recognising children's expressions.  "It doesn't hurt!"  "Behave yourself." (the subtext being "You are wrong".)  "Stop making such a fuss."  Another aspect to this is the denial of access to reality.  So adults hide their feelings and try to construct a fake world view for their children.  The net result is industrial espionage, state secrets, diplomacy, war, tyrannical rule and the complex set of oppressive political structures the world over.  Bullying is a basic form of oppression and it is very clever because it makes the victim feel that there is something wrong with them.
This complex mechanism of control has found a clandestine vehicle in the monetary systems the world over.  Money represents a vast array of human interactions and incorporates the mechanism of control by oppression.
Communication is the medium by which the collective perception occurs.  It can be anything from body language to profound intellectual discussions.  When communication is interfered with the collective perception of reality is corrupted.  Most of the seven billion people on the earth today are caught up in the oppressive fake reality.  There is nothing more empowering than to be able to feel entirely free to express your inner most feelings to someone who is entirely non-judgemental and compassionate and loving.  It is the seed of the collective Real Reality.  The invention of the printing press is cited as possibly the most profound single event in human history towards the empowerment of people and the advancement of humanity.  Certainly the Bible gives significant credence to this idea of the act of conveying information with the opening words of John's Gospel "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
The internet has finally begun to tip the balance in the communication network for humanity.  What is so profound is that the vast interconnectivity of the internet is allowing people to believe in themselves.  They are getting confirmation that their perception is valid.  It is creating the collective simulacra that is reality.  And they are empowered and responding to it.
The people power in the Middle East will spread across the entire globe.  It was all triggered by one person who was oppressed economically and in person to the point of setting them self ablaze.  It was captured on a cell phone and published on the internet.  The whole world is awash with a hierarchy of oppression and the revolutions in Turkey, Egypt, Libya, etc were all powered by poverty.  Poverty is the consequence of the imposition of oppression. Fear is what drives people at each stage of the hierarchy to apply a little bit of oppression down the line to save a bit of pain.  But there is nowhere left for the pain to be pushed any further and the internet and the exposition of the mechanisms of oppression has empowered people to stand against the enforced illusions of the oppressors.
The Middle East will have their revolutions at that level of the oppression and the effect will cascade all the way up the tower to the top.  People in Europe and America will realise that the economic oppression is seriously unjust and will break the financial system of oppression and the rest of the world will finally break the control of the few over the masses.
Leaders will become the people who compassionately understand and interpret and enact the people's desires.  They will become the actual true voice of the people and humanity will have moved out of this age of darkness and secrets and oppressive control.  People already know that love, respect, compassion, truth  and cooperation are the only real way forward and that conviction will manifest itself.  Humanity will no longer be subject to the dark and sinister secret machinations of the frightened ego represented by the current "leaders" on planet Earth.
This really is the start of a new era in the evolution of consciousness.

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