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The first problem with that is the "GIVING UP".  It sounds like you're losing something.  As if you wanted it in the first place.  It is negative.
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Imagine that life was fine and something frightened you and you quite successfully hid in a cave and survived the terror.  There you are, in the cave but it is full of smoke.  You can cope with the smoky atmosphere.  It makes your eyes run a bit.  It makes you feel a little weak.  It makes you cough now and again.  And the long term effects are that it will likely kill you.  But just at the moment you are safe.  Distracted by the new, more insidious problem.  Just imagine you could escape the cave.  You could liberate yourself from the choking atmosphere and feel better and livelier.  Imagine you could discover that the thing that frightened you has gone and it is safe outside now.  This is what you are "giving up".  This is not giving up this is getting more.  This is freedom.  It would be more accurate to describe choosing to smoke as "giving up" liberation, freedom, health & happiness.
Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking has sold over 7,000,000 copies and has earned him the reputation of being the world's leading guru on quitting smoking.  It is conservatively estimated that he has helped over 10,000,000 people stop smoking.  His approach is very much in line with noticing that stopping smoking is a positive thing and not "giving up" something.
People don't smoke for no reason.  If I said that many people don't want to smoke and even if they tried it they wouldn't choose to do it voluntarily again, how believable is that.  To make it slightly easier to see consider heroine.  (Heroine addicts are excluded and can think up a more suitable example for them selves.) It is more understandable that many people would not want to use heroine even if it were readily available and acceptable.  Why? Because they would get a high (which would actually make them feel a little weird and woozy) and then they would get a serious low.  The net effect being that they are more happy without the heroine.  The same is true of smoking except there is a lower threshold.  You don't get so high and the negative effects are not so low.
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When a heroine addict gets pregnant the developing foetus has the pain killing effects of the heroine.  As the brain develops it has no need to develop the normal number of pain killing receptors.  This is well understood biology and you can check out more about this in Arthur Janov's "Biology of Love".  So when the baby is born and grows up it simply has less capacity to kill pain than normal.  That person is in more pain than most people.  But they don't know it.  They don't know it because it is "normal" to them.  But, hey! When they get to try some heroine they feel like the rest of us.  To them it is fantastic.  In fact it is almost necessary.  Pain (and this includes emotional pain and the suppressed pain of repression) is what we experience when we are out of balance.  And balance is inherent in the universe.  The normal process by which we experience pain is the absorption of the external influences on our being.  In short we "feel" the effects of the outside world.  This is very useful because we model, comprehend, understand, resonate with reality and this is how we learn.  This is the mechanism by which we adapt to our surroundings.  It is why we are so versatile and creative because we are so sensitive.  But the mechanism is always in flux and we don't get it right all of the time.  Smoking is just another mechanism for reducing the pain.  Many smokers don't think they are in pain.  They don't think they smoke to dull the pain.  But try this: don't have that cigarette.  Quite rapidly there is a sense of discomfort.  That is the pain.  By living with it it gets processed and ultimately life and understanding improves.  The difficulty is knowing that in spite of the discomfort.
To stop the false pain killing effect and to feel the pain is sometimes too much to be practical.  We are cleverer than that.  Because we are sentient beings we get the opportunity to think of alternative strategies.  Find another way to reduce the pain and the job gets easier.  It is a very clever way to do things.  Build one brick at a time.  Take one step at a time.  It is so much easier.  It doesn't stop the pain but it makes it much easier to handle.  As we deal with the pain, step by step, we get to "understand" the world better and eventually can get free of the pain on our own.  Pain is a healing process and to get better we must feel the pain.  Feeling it in manageable scoops makes it possible.
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