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Get a job!

Get a job you lazy good for nothing scrounger.  You're a waster.  You're pathetic.  You think the world owes you a living.  You only think of yourself.  You expect others to look after you and do all the work.  You are an abuser.  Undesirable, immoral and probably a criminal!

What is it with all this attitude?  How do people arrive at the above views?

They have survived by avoiding the same criticisms and threats in their childhood.  They took on board those values so that they could work hard when they didn't want to.  So that they could make sense of doing what the offensive, threatening authority figures in their lives were demanding of them.  So that they could be "good" boys and girls and avoid the pain being dished out by their "superiors".  (see: Do Aliens Wear Ties?) Funny how people with those attitudes are often conformists to the point that they go to church and yet the Christian Bible is full of indications that those attitudes are really on the other side of the divide.

The whole judgemental attitude is so self evidently contradictory that it beggars belief that so many people can subscribe to it and support each other in the assumption that it makes sense.  And yet it is strangely insane.  I am guilty of this strange paradox too.  I am judgemental about people who are judgemental.  But then at least I keep thinking about it and trying to understand what is going on.  It seems that the "superior" judgemental people are so sure they are right they really don't question it.

If you have a beautiful baby and you love it then surely what you would want for that new human is that their experience of life is a good one.  How come so many parents end up thinking their children are selfish, lazy, scrounging, good for nothing layabouts?  The silly thing is that "working" is doing something to enhance your survival.  It is a choice of action based on what will do you the most good.  It is supposed to be doing something for your benefit.  For many people this is what "working" is.  Many people train for years to pursue activities which they enjoy doing to earn a living in our complicated civilization.  But more, it seems, suffer doing unsatisfactory work for other people's benefit and at their own expense.  It is hardly a generous sacrifice since it is usually driven by a fear of the perceived alternatives.  A consequence is that they resent other people who do less and suffer less than themselves.  They get judgemental.  But the judgemental attitude is offensive and controlling of weaker people.  But they are the weaker people and doing the bullies bidding.  So the victims take on board the oppressors attitudes and do their dirty work for them.

In the 21st Century we seem to look back on the ancient Egyptians and their culture of slavery as if it was obvious who were the slaves and who were the oppressors.  The oppressors waltzed around with whips lashing poor failing slaves and forcing them to work harder until they dropped.  But that is not how it was.  The culture of slavery requires a lot of compliance from the individuals involved.

Given the generally simplistic view of slavery it then becomes a mystery how people could behave like that.  It seems obvious that the oppressed will eventually rise up and rebel against the oppressors.  And we like to see ourselves as the "good" people (see: Good & Evil) in a story like that.  We like to imagine we are "free".  In fact we like the idea so much that we will even use the values of freedom to justify attacking other countries "In the name of freedom".

So it seems, paradoxically, that by taking a view on an imagined situation we are in danger of enacting the opposite behaviour from that with which we sympathise.  How crazy is life?  There is an answer and it is to see ourselves in the world and not to see the world as "out there".  More and more with the technological developments we are seeing the world as observers.  Again paradoxically, this is enabling us to see the world in which we really live.  We are more able to make objective judgements about what is good and bad in the world.  It has something to do with being liberated from the subjective experience resulting from our responses based on how they immediately affect us.  It is one reason why the plethora of recorded events is so helpful to humanity and why oppressive regimes are afraid of film crews recording events.  When bullies can see their own behaviour they are not comfortable because, after all, they are human too.

So judgemental attitudes about lazy scroungers are really a self protecting illusion for a group of people who are subscribing to something they inherently disagree with but are currently conscribing to for their own survival.  (see: Good God the Oppressor) If they were half as good as they wish they were they would realise that no one "wants" to be a scrounger.  The only difference between a scrounger and a "hard worker" is that the scrounger is allowing the crime to be evidenced.  The judgemental "hard worker" is simply lying to themselves and anyone who will listen.

People who really work hard don't see it that way they are just totally engrossed in doing what they are doing.  It's not competitive it is simply an opportunity and they are usually consciously grateful for their good fortune.  So when it comes to "agreeing" with judgemental attitudes about the low-lives who are scrounging off the state and should be forced to work since this country (any country you choose at the moment) is in the grip of a recession (see: Pyramid Economy) one should carefully consider what it is one is agreeing with.  Why?  Because it is usually the oppressor.  And it is probably a fact that it is the oppressors who have brought about the crisis in the first place.  The more conspiracy minded might even suggest they have created the situation deliberately for their own benefit at the expense of the "plebs".

If there is to be any rationality in the judgement about who is doing something wrong in the financial crisis it really is quite obvious.  It is the politicians and the bankers.  And they are only happy servants of the international moguls.  So beware the judgemental attitude.  They will get you in the end.

In the famous words of Martin Niemöller:
...they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . and by that time there was no one left to speak up.
(Thank you to Wikiquote) (see: Death Toll Counter)

The judgemental attitude is just the soft beginnings of the collective oppression.

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