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Stone Flow

"Stone Flow" a texture image by Sam Spruce (September 2011).

Stone Flow is a subtle and rugged texture design with granular stony qualities and an overall abstract form similar to flowing liquid.  Hence the title Stone Flow. Its pastel shades of pink and purple complement each other and conjure up a sense of rustic powdery decay like that of an old damp cellar wall.

Here is the image reduced to 10% of its original size.
Stone Flow full image

Swan Filter Tubes Stone Flow was a piece developed during Sam's cling film phase.  It was not made from cling film but rather some other cellophane product.  Swan are famous for their cigarette filter papers and they also produce filters.  These filters are small white tube shaped pieces of ... er ... filter.  They pack them, six at a time, in cellophane tubes.  Sam collected lots of these empty filter tubes and put them to good use as source material for a work of art.  The original scanned image of a bunch of these Swan filter tubes is shown reduced on the right here.  This image was actually scanned in at the humongous resolution of 600 dpi (dots per inch) providing lots of fine detail for a rich texture.

Here is a sequence of four images illustrating some of the stages of development from the original scan to the finished work of art.

Stone Flow stage detail 1 Stone Flow stage detail 2
Stone Flow stage detail 3 Stone Flow stage detail 4

Part of the attraction of this image is that it works on two main levels.  As a whole it has a subtle evocative character reminiscent of the swirling eddy currents in a flowing liquid.  In detail it has a rough stone texture and looks like an old weathered wall with the various layers of paint being revealed as they erode away.  Here are four details at full resolution from the picture simply provided for your delight and amazement.  Veritable eye candy.

Detail 1
Stone Flow detail 1

Detail 2
Stone Flow detail 2

Detail 3
Stone Flow detail 3

Detail 4
Stone Flow detail 4

It was noticed by a passer by that it looked like sharks.  It does have that abstract feel about it and there seem to be many sharks.  On closer examination one particular piece looks very much like a shark swimming from right to left with its mouth open as if about to feed.

Stone Flow shark

On even closer examination it seems there is a diver happily swimming to the surface and oblivious of the fate he is about to suffer as the juicy tit-bit for the giant shark swimming above him.

Stone Flow diver

This fascinating and beautiful textured design can be purchased in a number of forms from our store at Zazzle.

Visit Sam's store at Zazzle.

Stone Flow Mouse Mat mousepad
Stone Flow Mouse Mat by samspruce
Stone Flow Mug 1 mug
Stone Flow Mug 1 by samspruce
Stone Flow Mug 2 mug
Stone Flow Mug 2 by samspruce
Stone Flow Mug 3 mug
Stone Flow Mug 3 by samspruce
Stone Flow Greeting Card card
Stone Flow Greeting Card by samspruce
Stone Flow Poster print
Stone Flow Poster by samspruce
Stone Flow Detail Magnet magnet
Stone Flow Detail Magnet by samspruce
Stone Flow Greeting Card card
Stone Flow Greeting Card by samspruce

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